799 LS Cylinder Heads – Everything You Should Know

The cylinder head of a vehicle is a great component playing a significant role in the superior performance of the engine. However, some cylinder heads come with an architecture that hinders the engine’s power output.

On the other hand, some cylinder heads are designed with the best architecture that delivers top-notch power output with increased horsepower. So let’s look at the 799 LS Engine heads and what makes them a nice choice for a porting job.

Everything You Should Know About 799 LS Heads

799 LS Engine Cylinder Heads are some of the most recent cylinder heads on the automotive parts market. The cylinder cast architecture is with a semi-permanent mold method.

The 799 cylinder heads are in the similitude to the 2004 LS2 cylinder heads due to the triangle casting marks similarity. However, unlike the 243 heads, they do not require cleaning.

799 head users can verify the valve seating of the cylinder heads by engaging vacuum and pressure testing. This helps to guarantee whether the channel of the cylinder head is reliable. Note that a reliable channel will eventually guarantee perfect compression.

The valve stem of the 799 cylinder heads can be replaced with new ones in order to ensure high-quality performance and efficiency.

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799 LS Heads Specifications

  • Material Make: Aluminum
  • Intake Port Shape Design: Cathedral
  • Exhaust Port Shape Design: D – Port
  • Exhaust Valve Size: 1.55 in.
  • Intake Valve Size: 2.00 in.
  • Intake Port Volume: 209 cc
  • Exhaust Port Volume: 74 cc
  • Compression: 9.5:1
  • Chamber Diameter: 3.876
  • Target Bore Size: 4.000
  • Combustion Chamber: 64 cc
  • Compatibility: 4.8-liter and 5.3-liter truck engines.

What engine has 799 LS Cylinder heads?

The aluminum 5.3-liter truck engine has 799 heads. The 799-cylinder head distinguishes the 5.3L from other engines due to the compression ratio. In addition, the 799 heads deliver increased power output on the 5.3-liter truck engine.

Although the cylinder heads were made originally for the 3.90-inch bore, they fit perfectly on 5.3L and 4.8L blocks (3.78-inch bore). 799 heads on 5.3 engines are a perfect fit.

Common Problem Of 799 Heads

The size of the combustion chamber is the major challenge with swapping to 799 heads. Since the cylinder heads come with a smaller combustion chamber, you will have to mill the cylinder heads to a minimum of 0.025 to cover up for the former bigger combustion chamber size.

Inasmuch as porting to 799 heads comes with an advantage of increased horsepower due to increased compression, you must ensure to consider both the pros and cons before swapping the cylinder heads.

If you’re contemplating 799 heads vs. 706, they offer more advantages compared to 706 heads, irrespective of the common challenge with 799 heads.

Is 799 Heads Any Good?

Of course, the 799 heads are good. If you’re asking, “How much are 799 heads worth?” The cylinder heads offer one of the best flows you can get from top-notch cylinder heads in the automotive industry.

The 799 head flow supersedes that of 706 heads with as much as about 20 cfm at specific lift points. The cylinder heads’ intake port and exhaust port shapes are cathedral and D-port, respectively.

The cylinder heads come with a smaller combustion chamber, which in turn engenders increased compression and improved horsepower.

If you are contemplating a porting job, choosing the 799-cylinder heads will be wise. You can check out 799 heads on eBay.

The cylinder heads come with a sophisticated architecture that delivers high-quality performance and efficiency. This is revealed in the 799 head specs outlined above.


What CC are 799 heads?

The 799 head cc is pretty smaller compared to some others. This is because the cylinder heads come with 64cc combustion chambers. It is vital to note that combustion chamber size plays a significant role in either increasing or reducing the compression ratio.

While a smaller combustion chamber increases the compression ratio, the bigger one reduces the compression ratio. The implications differ for both scenarios. An increased compression ratio results in more power output.

Meanwhile, a reduced compression ratio results in a cooler burning temperature. This automatically leads to inefficient combustion with reduced power output.

Are 799 heads Cathedral Port?

Of course, the 799 heads are designed with a cathedral shape intake port. They come with smaller chambers compared to some of their counterparts with rectangular ports. The compression ratio of 799 heads can cause a leap in a vehicle’s power output.

The power output can swing up to around 3 – 4 percent, delivering about 25 horsepower (hp). This can positively impact a vehicle’s engine performance and efficiency.

If you are considering a porting job on your vehicle, 799 head is a perfect choice, at least for the guaranteed power output that results from the kind of intake port it features.

What year do trucks have 799 heads?

799 heads came on trucks manufactured around 2005 and above, as well as newer models of 5.3 and 4.8-liter trucks, come with 799 heads. However, Chevy unveiled the L20 4.8-liter engine, which had the 799 cylinder head in 2010.

The L20 4.8-liter engine had an A on the VIN. It was actually the 8th digit of the vehicle identification number. The 799 heads have been amazing on the 4.8 and 5.3-liter truck engines since inception. You may want to check out for your next porting job.

What LS engine comes with 799 heads?

5.3L and 4.8L truck engines are LS engines designed with 799 heads. The cylinder heads perform amazingly on the truck engines. They are built with sophisticated architecture, including a cathedral-shaped port with smaller combustion chambers.

The smaller combustion chambers help to reduce the compression ratio, which in turn boosts combustion efficiency for increased power output. 799 heads are known for leaping power output by 3 to 4 percent, which automatically leads to a horsepower boost up to 25 hp.

Final Words

A lot has been unveiled, about 799 heads. The cylinder heads are designed to offer increased horsepower due to the increased compression, which results from the smaller combustion chamber.

However, ensure to consider the pros and cons of swapping your current cylinder heads to 799 heads before a porting job. Meanwhile, some vehicle enthusiasts and professional auto mechanics opine that swapping to 799 heads is worth it.

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