Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters? – Top 5 Products Reviewed

Oil filters perform the crucial role of eliminating contaminants from lubricants, ensuring the efficiency of a car’s moving components. ACDelco is a notable oil filter brand for you if you want the best service. Who makes ACDelco oil filters? This is a crucial question that helps you check the validity of your vehicle component.

To meet your curiosity about who is behind this brand, it is owned by GM that has been advantageous for AcDelco’s growth as a company in the competitive automobile market. Read on as we provide critical details about ACDelco, including who makes its oil filters.

Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters

ACDelco Oil Filter Explained

ACDelco makes oil filters compatible with various vehicle models and is popular among car owners due to its top-quality utilities. To appreciate the efficiency of ACDelco’s oil filters, you have to look at their many redeeming features.

The filters sport a sturdy shell material with great pressure-withstanding capability: roughly five times more than normal engine operating pressures. The sturdiness of the shells translates to durability and longevity, meaning you avoid constant replacements.  

ACDelco filters have a thermosetting adhesive that secures the filtering media in place. A heavy-threaded plate curbs pressure spikes, which can get out of hand. Furthermore, the filters have blended media, comprising micro-glass, cellulose, and polyester, which enhance their contaminant holding capacity. Poppet-style bypass valves are handy for modern high-flow engines.

Like most ACDelco parts, the filters come in three categories: OE, Gold, and Silver. OE or original equipment grade filters are genuine GM vehicle parts and are identifiable by blue packaging.

Gold filters are better than OE filters quality-wise, and their designs target heavy-duty performance and reliability. You can go for ACDelco Silver filters for top-grade but affordable parts. You identify Silver parts via their silver packaging.

Are ACDelco oil filters good quality? ACDelco is a reputable company that won’t let you down when it comes to its product standards. The filters are excellent, though the quality depends on the grade you pick.

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Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters?

ACDelco is a subsidiary of GM and specializes in GM vehicle original parts. ACDelco does not manufacture most of the car components it deals with; instead, it sources them from partner companies and modifies and brands them.

ACDelco filters are products of Champions Laboratories Inc, a firm that has been specializing in automotive filters since its inception in 1936. The company has had a strong presence in the automotive parts scene, courtesy of its product’s top quality and exceptional customer service.

Presently, Champions Laboratories Inc is a subsidiary of First Brands Group, a global car part manufacturer. FRAM, another renowned oil filter brand, is also a subsidiary of First Brands Group, and reports indicate that it also provides ACDelco with oil filters.

Pros Of ACDelco Oil Filter

The key selling point of ACDelco oil filters is their reliability, courtesy of their high-grade construction. These crucial car parts are robust and less prone to wear and tear; thus, you will spend less on repairs and replacements.  

These filters are OE-grade for GM models. If you need a replacement, you are sure of getting the right part, and GM highly recommends them.

The other thing to love about ACDelco filters is the presence of variety. Depending on your preferred standards and finances, you can choose from OE, Silver, and Gold categories. ACDelco’s products are easy to access, as it has a global presence. ACDelco’s services are excellent, boosted by an efficient customer support center and reasonable warranty terms.


ACDelco filters are pricy, which is understandable due to their quality. The good thing is you get your money’s worth. While ACDelco has a global presence, getting its products in some parts of the world is hard, especially in Asia and Africa. It calls for shipping from nearby locations, a costly and time-intensive affair.

The other problem with ACDelco filters is their compatibility. Oil filters are not universal, and they may not be fit for some vehicles, despite their usability. OE-grade filters leave little room for customization.

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What Makes ACDelco Oil Filters Good?

ACDelco oil filters stand out from competitors for various reasons, mostly regarding their structure. ACDelco does not compromise on quality: these car parts undergo rigorous processing and modification to meet industry standards. The filters have a sturdy outer shell that enhances their resiliency and longevity. The overall design of ACDelco oil filters make them sturdy against heat, pressure, and corrosive agents like chemicals.

ACDelco’s oil filters sport technologically advanced filtration media and construction to sift away potential contaminants that can damage your engine. The synthetic blend media sees that your engine always runs on clean lubricant. A heat-treated tension spring holds the filtration media in place under different running conditions for effectiveness.

The lubricant filters are among the best due to their compatibility. GM endorses ACDelco filters for its models, which fit perfectly without calling for modifications. A precise fit shields you from troubles such as oil leaks from unstable connections.  

ACDelco has a comprehensive range of oil filters classified into OE, Gold, and Silver. You can easily get the preferred filter depending on price, specifications, and performance expectations.

This vehicle parts company has a solid global presence; thus, it is easy to get the parts. The staff is friendly, backed by an efficient support center in case of any queries or problems with the products. Reasonable warranty terms are the icing on the cake that is ACDelco’s greatness.

How does ACDelco fare against other oil filter brands? It holds its ground, as evident from the AC Delco oil filter vs. Mobil comparison. Mobil 1 is a reputable firm, and similar to ACDelco, with top quality product line. On which of the two brands is the best, ACDelco is the victor in OE filters.

On the other hand, Mobil outdoes itself in the aftermarket oil filter scene with its Extended Performance product line. The filters bank on synthetic blend media and Mobil’s Triple Action+ formula for superior engine performance, cleanliness, and protection.

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How Long Are AC Delco Filters Good For?

AC Delco filters won’t disappoint you regarding longevity; they can last between 3000-7000 miles. The service life of the filters depends on various factors, such as the grade you got. OEM filters can last slightly past the 3000-mile mark, while Gold and Silver can serve up to 10000 miles.

Another factor that determines the filters’ longevity is the engine. Powerful engines will require frequent filter changes. The same applies to heavy-duty vehicles or rough-terrain driving.

How frequently should I change AC Delco oil filters? It is advisable to keep up with the three-month checkup rule to be on the safe side with your filters. Check the filters’ functionality when changing oil to determine whether you need a replacement.

Is ACDelco Owned by GM?

Yes, AcDelco is owned by General Motors (GM). In fact, ACDelco is the original equipment parts division of GM. It was established in 1916 as United Motors Corporation and became a subsidiary of GM in 1944. The name ACDelco was adopted in 1974.

This is a full-line auto parts distributor of replacement parts and accessories for automotive, recreational, marine, industrial, and agricultural vehicles. ACDelco is the largest division within GM’s Automotive Operations and employs thousands to serve millions of people worldwide.

This, now integrated division of GM, provides a wide range of automotive replacement parts such as batteries, brakes, filters, spark plugs, and more. These products are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are used by professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers.

Being owned by GM gives AcDelco several advantages, such as access to advanced technology and engineering resources. This enables the company to innovate and develop high-quality products that meet the needs of modern vehicles. Additionally, customers can rest assured that they are getting genuine GM-approved parts when purchasing from AcDelco.

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What Are the Best AC Delco Oil Filters?

You should always have your eyes on the best car products to get the most out of your car’s performance. Below is a review of the finest AC Delco oil filters depending on your driving conditions.

01. ACDelco GM OE PF46E Engine Oil Filter

Starting our review is the OE-standard ACDelco PF46E, a go-to oil filter for your GM SUVs and trucks. This heavy-duty filter has a steel and nylon construction, making it durable. It can withstand harsh driving conditions without breaking down.

You will also love this oil filter’s performance, which owes to its cellulose filtration media which does an excellent job of keeping abrasive contaminants away from your engine. The outcome is an engine in good shape working to its best.

Highlighted Features

  • Primary materials: steel and nylon
  • A cellulose/synthetic filtration media
  • Car suitability: trucks and SUVs
  • Product grade: OEM
  • A heavy-duty spiral-wound steel core

02. ACDelco PF2232 GM OE Oil Filter

Durability is crucial when getting oil filters. A durable component will serve you long, meaning you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement costs. The ACDelco PF2232 GM OE oil filter embodies resiliency, supported by a robust shell, tested four times the regular engine oil pressure. It is the go-to filter add-on for harsh driving conditions.

This filter’s heavy threaded plate is handy against pressure spikes. Furthermore, its core area is ten times that of standard filters, enhancing lubricant flow.

Highlighted Features

  • Main materials: stainless steel and paper
  • Machined exterior with a sturdy tin-plated shell
  • A high-strength spiral louvered core
  • High-heat nitrile sealing gasket
  • Product grade: OEM

03. ACDelco Gold UPF64R Ultraguard Engine Oil Filter

ACDelco Gold-graded products are among the best for aftermarket uses. The ACDelco Gold UPF46R Ultraguard oil filter assures you of outstanding engine performance and protection. It suits demanding applications, such as in racecars and heavy-duty trucks.

This Ultraguard engine add-on is built for the dirty work, supported by a hardy shell and up-to-date filtration technology for longevity and maximum support. This specialty oil filter supports non-GM car models.

Highlighted Features

  • Primary material: steel, with a machined exterior
  • Compatibility with non-GM models
  • Product grade: Gold
  • Vehicle suitability: cars and trucks

04. ACDelco PF63 Professional Engine Oil Filter

The ACDelco PF63 Professional oil filter has numerous appealing elements, particularly its sturdy construction. It is roughly 25% smaller than typical filters, with a strong frame intensifying its durability. This part’s threaded plate assembly, steel shell, and leaf spring are recyclable, perfect if you are into environmental conservation.

Functionality-wise, the PF63’s core area is ten times that of regular filters, translating to improved oil flow. The filtration media does an impressive job of cleaning the lubricant before reaching the engine. Additionally, this filter has a spiral perforated center tube that stabilizes the filtering media and boosts oil flow.

You can crush the PF63’s non-metallic cartridge to remove oil and reuse it to provide energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Main material: steel
  • A wide core area
  • A perforated spiral center tube
  • Recyclable components
  • Product grade: Professional (Gold)

05. ACDelco GM OE PF2262G Engine oil filter And Cap Seal

The PF2262G is an ideal replacement part for GM cars, guaranteeing impressive engine output and toughness. This GM-backed product is of excellent quality, supported by a robust assembly, featuring stainless steel as the primary material.

If you were to dissect this oil filter, its components’ design would impress you. You will first notice the wide core area for unrestricted oil flow. The evenly spaced paper pleats provide adequate surface area for filtration. The filter has a spiral perforated center tube that shields the filtration element from collapsing.

The outer shell is robust and can withstand extreme conditions without wearing. Between the body and retainer plate is a double-lock seam that amplifies burst resiliency. The PF2262G lubricant filter comes with a cap seal for easy and firm installation.

Highlighted Features

  • Primary material: steel and paper
  • A wide core area that is tenfold that of ordinary filters
  • Evenly spaced paper pleats.
  • A double-lock seam between the shell and retainer plate
  • Product grade: OE
  • Comes with a cap seal

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Is ACDelco A Good Brand?

ACDelco is a renowned brand heavily associated with GM. It is the go-to companion for many people seeking spare parts, especially GM models. Several things make ACDelco stand out as a reliable brand, mainly its insistence on quality. The company invests heavily in research and development to provide top-grade car parts that will serve you exceptionally.

ACDelco parts are OEM-standard, meaning you get the best out of them without hitches like incompatibility. GM recommends ACDelco for your GM car’s original equipment needs.

This GM subsidiary has a comprehensive catalog with utilities such as car batteries, brakes, spark plugs, light bulbs, and drive belts. Besides OE-grade products, ACDelco has specialty parts that fall under the Gold and Silver categories. They are both high-performance components, with silver being the budget option.

Another endearing aspect of ACDelco is its customer relations. First, you can effortlessly locate this firm’s outlets, as it boasts a worldwide presence. The staff is supportive and will help with any issue you have. Moreover, the products have friendly warranty terms.

Finally, ACDelco has trust and recognition in the automotive industry. It is an established brand with a history that is over a century old. The lengthy stay in the auto part scene translates to expertise an assurance of outstanding products and services.

Final Word

Who makes ACDelco oil filters? This discussion answers this question and delves deeper into this automotive parts brand. ACDelco gets its oil filters from Champions Laboratories Inc, then modifies them to meet its standards.

The filters are OE-standard and high quality. You can pick from OE, Gold, and Silver grades per your preference. Also, the prices and warranty terms of ACDelco filters are reasonable.

If you own a GM vehicle, you should get your parts from ACDelco, as the automotive manufacturer recommends. If your car is not from GM, you can go for the Gold or Silver specialty parts.


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