10 Best Ball Joint Brands For Your Car in 2024

Ball joints are an important part of a car’s suspension system. This component plays a significant role, allowing the suspension to move up and down and side to side. A bad ball joint can make your vehicle vibrate and steer improperly, causing severe handling inconvenience.

Hence, the urgency to spot and replace a bad ball joint when the need arises. For a suitable replacement, you can rely on the best ball joint brands providing top-quality options for your car.

So, when you start noticing uneven tire wear, mechanical noises, challenges maintaining directional control, and other faulty ball joint symptoms, you can rely on the replacement part supplied by these brands listed in this article to function appropriately.

Best Ball Joint Brands – 10 Manufacturers to Trust & Rely on

Kindly note that the ball joint is the metal cup with a stud sticking out of it attached to the vehicle’s suspension. You would find the other end of the ball joint attached to the control arm, which is conjoined to the chassis.

Obviously, this intricate car part should be manufactured by able hands maintaining precision to ensure superior functionality. Hence, trusted car parts producers would be a wise selection.

So, what are the best ball joint brands available in the market?

best ball joints for off roading

1. Moog

This brand is famous for providing ball joints with high resistance to adverse effects resulting from extreme operating conditions and offers one of the best ball joints for 4×4.  

Moog’s excellent reputation can be traced back to 1937 when the company produced its first replacement part (front-end). Even after nearly a century since its advent, the brand consistently has been providing various solutions for vehicles.

When it comes to ball joints for vehicles that are not only durable but also have a vast range of compatibility, Moog emerges as one of the most popular entry-level options available.

What’s better is Moog’s construction of this car part bearing integrated grooves within the internal area. Thus, the possibility of expelling old lubricants during the joint’s lubrication is high, which is tremendous.

Moog ball joints work perfectly for Cadillac, GMC, Chevy, and various vehicles. The durability of such a car part supports reduced wear and corrosion; hence, you can expect the new ball joint replacement to last long and duly serve its purpose.

2. AC Delco

AC Delco emerges as a subsidiary of General Motors, an auto manufacturing company founded in 1908. This brand of automobile parts is headquartered in Michigan (Grand Blanc), United States.

Factory parts for General Motors vehicles are grouped under AC Delco, and this brand also distributes aftermarket parts for various non-GM branded cars. From air conditioning parts to brakes, chassis, batteries, and engine components, this brand manufactures myriads of auto parts.

One top-quality product you can get from this marque is their ball joints, suitable for various car models. Ball joint housings from AC Delco are normally formed out of a single piece of steel, resulting in exceptional structural strength.

Furthermore, AC Delco ball joints are designed to be exact OEM equipment replacements, with all necessary hardware included that are appropriate to assure trouble-free installations, supported by a lifetime (although limited) warranty.

The suspension ball joint from ACDelco is a cost-effective choice. It has a polyurethane dust boot and can tolerate high impact, weariness, and wear while performing. These ball joints are constructed to last, and we expect them to provide you with trouble-free service all through.

3. Dorman

For the most part, Dorman ball joints are a perfect fit replacement option for OEM equipment. This marque has been solving problems in the automotive aftermarket since 1918. 

Thus, Dorman is among brands leading the way in expanding the aftermarket by bringing more opportunities to consumers and businesses who rely on automobile repair. As a result, the company’s catalog now contains over 80,000 products and continues to expand year after year.

Thousands of components and parts, previously only available from OEMs, have had tough challenges. Indeed, Dorman ball joints are also designed to meet or surpass OEM criteria, considering the function, fit, and form.

Furthermore, this brand’s line of ball joints has an outstanding quality, and they’re readily available. So, there would be no issue finding them at your need to replace your vehicle’s ball joints.

4. Mevotech

Mevotech Inc. is a company that makes automotive parts. Ball joints, stabilizer links, control arms, bushings, and strut mounts are among the suspension products offered by the company. The marque has been assisting technicians in making the finest auto part decisions since 1982, providing innovative products with cutting-edge technology.

This brand is renowned for engineering and building ball joints and vast suspension components in an era where OEM and top aftermarket manufacturers yearn to decrease weight by reducing the thickness and widths of materials. 

As a result, Mevotech ball joints feature housings with thicker sidewalls, studs with larger balls, and more durable internal bearings compared to some options from most competitor companies, making them the preferred choice for rigorous working circumstances.

The ball joint product line from the brand pass through durability testing for both in-house third parties conducted tests. Such a move from this company assures maximum performance and strength. Hence, your vehicle would benefit from getting a Mevotech ball joint to replace the worn part.

5. AFCO Racing

If you seek a replacement for your vehicle’s ball joints, one of the best brands you should look out for is AFCO Racing. Such products from this marque are designed to withstand tight tolerances and have congruous resistance that ensures consistent performance.

These suspension system components are compatible with various OEs, as it meets/exceeds standards and effectively take out suspension rigidity. Installing this part on your car would ensure a quicker steering wheel return and lower steering efforts/inputs.

AFCO Racing ball joints are products of AFCO Performance Group, a company famous for constructing racing suspension, brakes, exhaust, and cooling parts. With over 30 years of experience, this firm emerges as one of the top players within the industry, revealing new, inventive, and winning engineered parts.

Products undergo rigorous developments procedure and testing, which give off the groundwork for stable performance. The company both produces and distributes superior-quality shocks, brakes, springs, cooling, gauges, specialized tools, chassis, and scales are all.

6. Dynatrac

Dynatrac is a brand belonging to Dynatrac Products Co., Inc. This vehicle Parts Manufacturing industry is based in Huntington Beach, California. Jim McGean birthed this company, opening its doors to the general public in November of 1988.

With over 25 years of experience, this brand began modestly, wanting to offer better products and services. Introducing the marques suspension ball joint is one great revolution for the auto part market.

Dynatrac ball joints are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road terrains. Thus, these products are one of the best ball joints for off-roading vehicles and are regarded as the strongest, most robust, and highest-quality ball joints available.

Thankfully, you can rebuild this car part using common hand tools, and they come with chrome stems. You would find these suspension ball joints constructed with grease fittings for excellent serviceability.

7. EMF

This brand is dedicated to providing ball joints with rebuild-able features for Dodge vehicles and tirelessly works on the R&D, constructing ball joints that work for vast car makes and models. Hence, you can find durable and compatible options for other car models.

Such premium ball joints are affordable yet hold high quality. Some outstanding features of these suspension parts offered by this marque include adjustable and “greasable” ball joints and ease of installation thanks to the tapered ends.

Although the firm design of such a product line appears simple but works effectively compared to other options available in the market, kindly note that EMF is a famous name within the auto industry; from 1909 through 1912, this company engaged in the manufacturing of automobiles.

The company’s production site is located in Alberta, Canada, and their product line for steering and suspension is covered by three American and three Canadian patents. This certification consists of patents covering internal components of all Heim Joint, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End Products, and pin greasing technology.

8. XRF

If you are in the market for new ball joints, you should check out the XRF product line for effective suspension ball joints. From their easy installation to their durability, there are vast reasons why such products are among the top options considered by car owners and repair mechanics.

The XRF Company emerged in 1996, providing technologically advanced steering and suspension parts to the North American market. More than 4000 part numbers are in stock at XRF, including import and local applications.

The XRF suspension ball joints are one of the parts produced by the company. These American-made ball joints use top-quality materials such as SAE1045 steel for housing and SAE4140 steel for the ball stud. Please note that the ball studs of these products are completely encapsulated in sturdy and durable acetyl bearings.

Again, these ball joints come with stud heat treatments, which assist in achieving Omni-directional strength. Since XRF is renowned for studying part failures and learning better ways to improve their parts, you can rest assured that you would get one of the best ball joints from the brand.

9. Howe

The ball joints from this brand are among the largest options to find, available in both lower and upper ball joints. These products emerge with outstanding results thanks to their track-tested designs.

It would interest you to know that Howe ball joints are greasable and adjustable coming in specific and unique designs to match varying car makes and models. You can rely on this brand to provide versions constructed with superior internal components for efficient and smooth movements.

Howe suspension ball joints are products of the renowned Howe Racing Enterprises. Since 1971, this company has been creating racing chassis and components. This company has been in business for more than 48 years and has already passed down two generations of knowledge.

Howe started his firm out of a modest garage in Beaverton, Michigan. Howe grew multiple times throughout the years and produced many racing items. The majority of Howe’s manufactured products are solely for race vehicles. This marque also sells other high-quality brands that meet or surpass the company’s standards.

10. FRAP

Frap has been an Italian-based company constructing suspension and steering parts since 1932. This marque has a 13,000-square meters manufacturing plant in Bruno, Italy, producing various FRAP products.

From forging materials to machining, surface remedies, warmness treatments, and assembling, there are vast production activities ongoing in this production location. Top-quality suspension arms and joints, steering heads, spherical joints, tie rods, and other automobile components have all been designed, produced, and developed by FRAP.

All items from this manufacturer reach high OE specifications and are subject to continuous testing. Over the past years, Frap ball joints have emerged as one of the best, employed by top OE manufacturers such as Peugeot, Renault, Argo, and Alfa Romeo.

This auto part is a suitable option for replacing the worn ball joint in your car since it is formed according to standard and so is true to its fits and functions. With the corporation constantly renewing its production procedures and investing in effective improvements, you can rest assured that the ball joints from this brand would work optimally.

american made ball joints


Are MOOG ball joints good?

Moog suspension ball joints are of excellent quality, and these durable options would last long and duly serve their purposes. With adequate maintenance and care, you should expect Moog ball joints to last for an average of 100,000 miles before they wear out completely.

Not only are they sturdy, but you would find this part pretty easy to install. Comparing Moog vs. Mevotech suspension parts, you might find the latter with an upper hand, but Moog doesn’t disappoint either.

What ball are joints made in the USA?

While various ball joints are present in the market, not all brands are manufactured within the United States. If you seek suspension ball joints produced in the USA, you should consider the options in the list below.

  • Alloy-USA ball joints
  • Howe ball joints
  • RCV ball joints
  • Raybestos ball joints
  • Moog ball joints

Are Delphi ball joints good quality?

Delphi Technologies are infamous for offering top-quality ball joints that allow a smooth and sturdy operation that your vehicle requires. If you are after one of the top enterprises in the suspension and steering market, you can rely on Delphi ballpoint as a suitable replacement. Fair enough, these options meet/exceed the standards as postulated for OEs.

Is AC Delco a good ball joint?

AC Delco is a common name for top-quality and efficient auto parts, and they manufacture ball joints that are among the best that you can find in the market. This marque’s high-quality replacement ball joints are ideal for cars running on roads today.

These car parts are constructed to reach our standards; hence, they are a smart choice for GM cars and other car makes and models.

Is Delphi a good parts brand?

Delphi Technologies has a fair stand in producing effective, durable, and sturdy auto parts testified by approving reviews.

The quality of aftermarket components, training, service, and aftersales support reflects in the company’s competence as a supplier to OEs and top car manufacturers worldwide. In July 2016, an independent testing lab-confirmed Delphi’s commitment to quality.

Final Words

The ball joint connects two parts, allowing a smooth rotation around a single axis. You would find this part in the suspension system of automobiles, where they join the control arms to the steering knuckles.

When faced with the concerns regarding which one to go for. Find answers to, Are cheap ball joints any good? Who makes the best ball joints?

Yes, these and more similar questions run through the minds of most car owners out there. While cheap ball joints are not always advisable, you can get affordable and effective options from the best ball joint brands in the market. And the 10 brands reviewed here will prove to the best and most reliable in the industry.

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