Who Makes DieHard Batteries – 2024

Batteries are one crucial element that has been of great use within the automotive industry. The crucial function of batteries is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which delivers voltage to the car’s starter.

DieHard is one of the top brands that supply one of the most trusted batteries within America and worldwide; hence, you should know a few things about who makes DieHard batteries. Remember, there are various options out there in the market, but your vehicle requires the best.

Please note that good batteries like those from DieHard supply the right energy needed for starting a vehicle and further stabilize the voltage that keeps the engine running. So, the next time your car won’t start, it may be due to a faulty battery terminal connection or a dead battery. 

Who Makes DieHard Batteries?

The first-class and durable batteries that DieHard supplies appear to be products of the famous aftermarket parts provider Advanced Auto Parts, Inc. Kindly note that DieHard batteries have been part of Advanced Auto Parts since 2019, after its acquisition from Sears.

This company has its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, and currently operates over 4,912 stores across 150 Worldpac branches within the US and Canada. Founded by Arthur Taubman in 1932, this firm keeps supplying consumers with top-quality car parts. 

It would interest you to know that Advanced Auto Parts further operates and serves over 1,250 Carquest-branded stores across Mexico, Turks, Bahamas, British Virgin Island, and Caicos. From OEs to private-labeled products, you can find this firm providing various auto parts from top brands.

You should know that DieHard has emerged as a brand operating since 1967, formerly owned by Sears Roebuck & Company and developed by Globe-Union Battery. However, at some point, Johnson Controls acquired Globe-Union and continued producing DieHard batteries for Sears but later sold their battery division off to Clarios LLC.

Nonetheless, Advanced Auto Parts purchased this battery brand from Sears in 2019 for $200 million and has since been in charge of the supply of these batteries. According to the new owners, the brand would further kick off the supply of battery categories that suits recreational and marine applications. 

Are DieHard batteries good?

One good thing about DieHard batteries is the excellent performance, and as such, the lineup from this brand emerges as premium options. It would be of utmost importance to know that these options are budget-friendly and also durable.

Such batteries supply the required heat that facilitates the chemical reaction, which further supplies electricity. DieHard batteries are tested and trusted to provide top performance within any circumstance. 

The good news is that folks can rely on the maintenance-free battery options from this brand and steer clear of the need to add water during use. Since these batteries come manufactured with excellent materials, you can expect them to duly serve their purposes and save you from various damages and car repairs.

Who sells DieHard batteries?

The excellent products from this brand appear exclusively sold at various Advance, Sears, and Carquest stores. Nevertheless, you can check for suitable options from the auto part stores near you. 

DieHard Batteries Review 

DieHard is one brand that supplies a wide range of powerful batteries that are reliable and durable. These options from the brand often come manufactured with the latest technology and further appear equipped to meet the power demands of various cars. 

Thus, whether in extreme conditions or situations needing high-performance output, this battery would come through for drivers as they hit the road. Thus, you can check this DieHard batteries review below, as it holds some excellent options from the brand’s battery categories. 

Automotive Batteries 

The DieHard Red 650 CCA 

The DieHard Red 650 CCA
Image Credit: shop.advanceautoparts.com

This battery from the brand comes manufactured to meet the driving needs of consumers, as it possesses a high starting power. Interestingly, this car battery can effectively work for your budget, as it comes at affordable prices.

If you have been seeking a suitable battery replacement, it will help to consider this product. More importantly, the DieHard Red appears to be maintenance-free, which works well for maximum convenience.

You can expect this battery to supply reliable power across various seasons, and it possesses a cold-cranking amperage of 650A. What’s even better is that you can buy and install this battery for free at the nearest Carquest or Advanced Auto Part stores near you.

The DieHard Gold 640 CCA

This car battery comes manufactured and designed to supply maximum starting power irrespective of the climatic condition. Hence, it is a reliable option that would work optimally even in hot and cold conditions.

The good news is that this product from DieHard comes with properties that meet and even exceed the manufacturer’s reserve capacity and CCA or power. Thus, it would be a good replacement option for your dead car battery.

With such a car battery, you would get a fast response each time you start your vehicle. Interestingly, most DieHard gold battery review on Reddit has most people liking the Stamped Grid Technology, which emerges as a durable, stronger, and positive grid.

The DieHard Platinum AGM 710 CCA

From the various DieHard platinum battery reviews, this battery comes specifically designed to meet the rising need of different power vehicles. It would interest you to know that this Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery supplies double the life of the standard flooded battery.

In essence, it is the right match for cars that require high electricity for its accessories, which puts the battery on heavier use and further works with “start-stop” technology. For this platinum battery, you would notice the Stamped Grid technology features durable and strong positive and negative grid designs.

The exceptional starting power is something you shouldn’t ignore, as it works optimally across various climates (even in extreme conditions). Furthermore, the DieHard battery platinum model features a non-spillable and maintenance-free design, making its installation and use pretty easy.

DieHard Silver Battery 575 CCA

The silver batteries from this brand are designed to possess high starting power, which works effectively for various seasons and in all climates. Its design further matches the car’s reserve capacity and the manufacturer’s CCA.

Essentially, your car would get the required power for a quick start each time you desire to hit the road. DieHard silver battery reviews suggest the satisfaction most drivers get from using this battery. Again, folks tend to enjoy the maintenance-free services of this battery, as it allows maximum convenience.

Power Sports & Marine Batteries

Power Sports & Marine Batteries
Image Credit: shop.advanceautoparts.com

DieHard Powersports 120 CCA Battery

Whether motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, or scooters, you can expect this DieHard Gold AGM power sport battery to do outstanding work. It comes from having highly porous microfiber separators, which trap and absorb electrolytes.

Thus, car owners can enjoy the services of this leak-proof and spill-proof battery. You can still expect this battery to last long for off-road trails since it comes with excellent vibration-resistant technology. Its dependable power supply is ascertained thanks to the low self-discharge rate it holds.

Small Engine Batteries

DieHard Garden and Lawn 340 CCA Pro Battery

The high starting power of this battery works well for a wide range of applications, such as use for generators, 4-wheelers, small tractors, lawnmowers, and loaders. The good news from the manufacturer is that this product is reliable, offering superior performance across varying seasons.

This battery comes with a no-maintenance design for added convenience, offering double the starting power that some other basic lawn batteries would supply. Interestingly, this option is cost-effective, making it a better option for consumers. 

Its tough design makes it durable even with the harsh vibrations from the small engines. Much more, its CCA offers a quick start when the need arises. 

Heavy-Duty Farm & Truck Batteries

Heavy-Duty Farm & Truck Batteries
Image Credit: shop.advanceautoparts.com

DieHard HD 950 CCA Battery

For various heavy-duty applications, you can expect this battery from DieHard to work optimally. Thus, it appears an excellent option for commercial and heavy-duty trucks and a wide range of agricultural applications.

The high-density paste of this battery allows improved cycling capabilities, and you can rest assured that this is a durable option, thanks to its reinforced end-walls and polypropylene ribbed case.  

With superior vibration resistance offered by its anchor bonding, the element gets locked in place for improved battery life. Another notable feature that this battery holds is its superior CCA and increased corrosion resistance, which emerges from the full-frame stamped positive grid design.

DieHard Batteries Buying Guide 

It is proven that DieHard holds a wide range of battery options that work for varying applications. Hence, it is crucial to get the right battery compatible with your car, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and various heavy-duty applications.

You should also know that these batteries come in varying sizes, reserve capacities, and power requirements. With that in mind, below are a few things you should look out for when getting a DieHard battery.

Battery Size

It is common to find car batteries having stipulated sizes, as they emerge in varying group sizes that indicate their width, height, and length. Thus, it is pretty important to know the size of your former battery to find a suitable replacement.

You can often check the car’s owner’s manual or seek the assistance of an expert to tell the accurate battery size that would fit that compartment in your vehicle. Doing so would help prevent any trouble in the future.

Reserve Capacity

Again, the battery reserve capacity of DieHard batteries differs, and please note that this term refers to how long supplies power on their own without receiving a charge. Simply put, it appears as the total minutes in a fully-charged battery would discharge at certain temperatures while maintaining a stipulated volt.

There are a few cases of car alternator failure and non-compliant engine situations. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle’s battery has sufficient reserve capacity to take you through such tough times.

On average, you would find average batteries having 90 to 100 minutes of reserve capacity. But this is not the case with most DieHard batteries, as the manufacturer ensures they appear higher. So, you can look out for DieHard variants with a much higher number.

Battery Power Requirement

DieHard batteries come having varying Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps. It is crucial to get the right option to supply the required energy needed to get the engine started across the varying seasons and climates. If you love driving in extreme (cold) conditions, you should look out for options with higher CCA.

Are DieHard batteries any good?

DieHard batteries appear as one of the best options that you can find within the automotive industry. The fact that this brand’s batteries come with high reserve capacity and emerge as maintenance-free options make them the best match for various drivers.

The good news is that DieHard battery prices are quite affordable, offering tremendous services and appearing cost-effective. The excellent CCA, sturdy build, and durability of DieHard batteries further ensure that it offers great value for your money.

Lead Acid Vs. AGM Batteries

You would often find lead-acid batteries having some limitations, much more since their solutions appear flammable during evaporation. However, these options can still work and perform optimally; they even appear relatively cheaper compared to the AGM options. 

Nevertheless, AGM batteries last longer and often come maintenance-free. The choice would often depend on your need, and you can look through the battery lineup from DieHard to get excellent options.


Are Duralast and DieHard batteries the same?

Duralast batteries and DieHard batteries are two independent brands that appear famous for supplying top-performing batteries for a vast range of applications. Nevertheless, some speculations relay that the batteries both brands supply come from the same manufacturer.

Interestingly, you can find various options from both battery brands and select suitable batteries to replace your dead car battery. Not to worry, they are available in various AutoZone stores and other car part stores. 

Are DieHard batteries still made by Odyssey?

Odyssey stopped the manufacturing of DieHard batteries and has since been manufactured by the renowned Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls, Inc. is a multinational conglomerate that supplies variorum equipment for HVAC, security, and fire applications. 

Nevertheless, this company sold its battery production unit to Clarios LLC, which now manufactures DieHard batteries for Advanced Autos alongside other brands like Varta, Duralast, and AC Delco. 

Can you still buy DieHard batteries?

DieHard batteries are pretty much available following its acquisition by Advanced Autos in 2019. It would interest you to know that Clarios LLC keeps producing these batteries for Advanced Autos, maintaining the top quality that they originally possessed. Thus, you would find DieHard batteries sold at various Advance, Sears, and Carquest stores.

How long will a DieHard battery last?

Knowing how long DieHard batteries last has further improved the trust folks have for this brand, as these batteries appear to be pretty durable. Unlike some other options in the market, DieHard batteries can last between three to five years. 

Still, the durability of the battery is dependent on various factors such as the weather and temperature conditions, driving frequency, and charging system. But you can expect your DieHard battery to last longer with proper care.

Which DieHard battery is the best?

DieHard batteries are famous because of their outstanding performances and hold various options. The one you choose would depend on the application, whether for automotive or heavy-duty applications.

Not to worry, you can choose through the Red, Platinum, Gold, and Silver options from this brand. These batteries come with varying capacities that would suit your car’s and driving needs.

How long does the DieHard Platinum battery last?

This battery has an extended life and can last up to five years if well-cared for and subjected to fair driving conditions. The platinum batteries from DieHard are excellent AGM branded options that are pretty durable and effective. Hence, they come with an extended life, and their longevity alongside their performance offers great value for your money. 

How do I know if my car battery is still under warranty?

Most car batteries come with warranty date codes that appear on the top label. Thus, you can check through your battery’s top label to find the characters and digits that would reveal its warranty status. 

Please note that the first character would often appear as S or P, and the next two digits represent the month. Looking further, you would find the third digit indicating the year and the next character revealing the battery’s manufacturing plant.

Final Words

From ignition to lighting, car batteries come in handy in supplying the right amount of electricity needed for the proper functioning of vehicles. Within the automotive industry, you would find a wide range of battery brands; nevertheless, DieHard is one brand that supplies some of the best batteries.

There exist varying speculations about the manufacturer of DieHard batteries. But, you should know that Clarios LLC is the one who makes DieHard batteries for Advance Autos. The brand supplies a vast range of options, and you can check through this piece to find a suitable battery replacement.


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