Does Discount Tire Do Oil Changes?

The importance of regular engine oil changes cannot be overemphasized. There are many places to get an oil change to keep your engine running at peak level. If you have a local discount tire store around the hood, you may wonder, does discount tire do oil changes?

Since oil changes are one of the easiest, quickest, and most fun ways of keeping your engine in good condition and getting familiar with your vehicle, every auto shop may offer the service. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Some auto centers exclude oil changes on their list of services. But, is discount tire amongst these auto shops? You’ll find out in the next few paragraphs and a list of discount tire-free services.

what services does discount tire offer

Does Discount Tire do oil changes?

While Discount Tire is a family name in the auto industry, they do not and have never offered oil change services. If you want to change your engine oil, you can search for “oil change near me” and visit your preferred choice among the available results. However, here is a list of household names that offer oil change services across many cities in the States.

  • Pep boys
  • Grease Monkey auto
  • Meineke
  • Precision tune auto care
  • Jiffy lube
  • Walmart
  • Firestones
  • Express oils and tire engineers
  • Valvoline service centers
  • Midas
  • Speedee oil changes and auto services

So, what services does Discount Tire offer? They specialize in tire services, such as tire rotation, wheel services, and tire inspection and repair.

What services does Discount Tire offer?

There are a lot of mechanical services that discount tires do not offer. However, we’ll outline the ones they offer. Their services revolve around tires and wheels.

discount tire oil change appointment

Tire inspection

Discount tires will remove your tires and inspect them to ensure they are safe to use. During the inspection, they’ll check for leaks, punctures, sidewall damages, tread wear patterns, and inside and outside tire wear. They’ll also offer solutions or recommendations if they see any damage.

Tire repair and replacement

Discount tires are professionals when it comes to tires and wheels. They will inspect your tires and repair them, depending on how severe the damage is. However, sometimes, they will honestly recommend replacing the tires entirely for your safety.

Discount tire does not recommend replacing tires because they do not have expertise in fixing tires as most shops do. Many shops suggest you replace your tires because they want to sell their products and factor in the labor cost. On the other hand, Discount tire offers the best services without compromising safety or trying to sell their products.

Force balancing

This service is not common with all auto service shops. It is an advanced level of wheel balancing. If your wheels vibrate excessively due to imbalanced tires, visit any discount tire outlet to electronically measure poorly balanced tires and rectify the problem.

TPMS services

TPMS stands for tire pressure monitor sensor. The sensor monitors the air pressure inside the air and reports the information to the car control unit. In most cases, the TPMS is frequently replaced when installing new tires. Aside from that, the battery can die, or the sensor itself may become faulty and stop working.

Rim repair

Undoubtedly, most auto repair shops prefer and suggest replacing rims instead of chroming or refinishing them. If you’re particular about your rim aesthetic feeling, visit a discount tire center to refinish or re-chrome it.

Winter studs

While most all-season tires are pretty good, winter tires out phased them during the winter. If you have winter tires with pre-made holes for the insertion of rubber studs that enhance traction in the winter, visit a nearby discount tire shop. They’ll insert the best rubber studs that’ll enhance tire grip.

Tire rotation and wheel balancing

Discount tires offer wheel balancing and tire rotation. Wheel balancing corrects the imbalance on your wheel assemblies and tires to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. During tire rotation, the tires are removed and installed in different locations to ensure they wear evenly and hug the road perfectly.

Oil change and tire rotation are done at the same mileage – every 6,000 miles. So, why doesn’t Discount Tire offer the easiest and quickest engine service?

Why does Discount Tire not offer oil changes?

According to an article on Discount Tire’s website, they do not offer oil change services because they are dedicated to providing the best services for tires and wheels.

Most folks will prefer to walk to auto shops that offer almost all services on their car. While there are auto centers that offer any services you can think of, they’ll not have the expertise needed to offer the best services in all these areas. This is why specialization is key.

Discount Tire also mentioned efficiency and speed on their website as one of the reasons they do not offer oil changes. For example, they upload a banner saying you can save 30% of your time when you visit them for tire and wheel services. If you have repaired or serviced your car at Costco Auto Center, you’ll admit that too many services often cause customers dissatisfaction because of long queues or wait times.


Does Discount Tire change brake pads?

Another common question amongst Discount tire customers is, Does Discount Tire do brakes? No, the discount tire offers only tire and wheel services. They do not do brakes and other suspension repairs. However, they sell suspension components through their eBay store. You can buy suspension components from them and fix them at home or have your local mechanic install them for you.

Does Discount Tire replace shocks and struts?

Generally, discount tires do not offer suspension repair in their store. They only sell suspension components via their eBay store. However, Mavis Discount Tire replaces shocks and struts and offers other mechanical services like brakes, alignment, inspections, wiper blades, tires, and oil changes. So, if you’re asking, does Mavis Discount Tire do oil changes? The answer is yes. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that Mavis Discount Tire and Discount tire are not the same.

Does Discount Tire Do windshield wipers?

While Discount Tire focuses on tires and wheels, their service technicians can help you install wiper blades at no extra cost if you buy them from their local or online store. At Discount Tires, you can get windshield wipers at $15 to $23 with free installation. Come rain, ice, snow, dirt, or bugs; their windshield wipers will help provide clear visuals.

Does Discount Tire do transmission flushes?

The discount tire does not offer transmission fluid flush at any location across America. However, you can visit Mavis Discount tires if you want to flush your transmission fluid. Mavis Discount Tires offers extended services than discount tires. In any case, it is important to note that Mavis Discount tire and Discount tire are different. So, have that in mind when visiting Mavis Discount Tire.

Final Words

By now, you must have had all the answers to the question, does Discount Tire do oil changes? Discount Tires do not offer oil change services at any of its locations in the state. They specialize in tire and wheel sales and repairs. In any case, Mavis Discount Tire offers oil change services. Plus, we have listed some of the most reliable auto centers to visit for an oil change.

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