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Working on cars can be a daunting task for many DIYers and motorists in general. However, with the right guidelines and tools, you can carry out maintenance and some major tasks on your car. Some, like spark plug replacement, are common maintenance tasks anyone can do independently.

If you want to replace spark plugs on your 8-cylinder engine, you may ask how many spark plugs in a V8 engine. Whether you’re asking how many spark plugs in a V4 or how many spark plugs in a 4, 6, or V8 engine, you’ll learn the number of spark plugs in all engines at the end of this article.

how many spark plugs in a v8

Spark plugs in a v8 Described.

Generally, in all internal combustion engines, the combustion process will only take place with functioning spark plugs. This is because spark plugs receive electric flow from the ignition system and deliver it as sparks in the combustion chamber. This spark, however, ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

The secret behind how internal combustion engines work lies in the combustion process. For the combustion cycle to complete there must be ignition from the spark plugs. Here’s how the spark plugs work in a V8 engine.

When the fuel injectors spray atomized gas into the cylinders, the engine pistons compress the air-fuel mixture, making them more combustible. The spark plugs ignite them, causing explosions that move the engine crankshaft. The crankshaft transmits the engine power to the transmission via the flywheel. Finally, the transmission moves the wheels.

In a V8 engine layout, each cylinder has one spark plug, one fuel injector, one piston, and two, three, or four valves, depending on your head cylinder type.

The spark plugs in V8 layout engines ignite the combustible air-fuel mixture in each cylinder. Typically, spark plugs work the same way in both I4, V4, V6, and V8 engines. The only difference is the number of spark plugs you have based on the number of cylinders in the engine.

If you’re wondering how many spark plugs in a V8 diesel engine, check out this well-detailed article on how many spark plugs diesel engines have. Please, do not criticize me yet. Read the article first. We also have another resourceful article that explains how many spark plugs in a V6 engine.

how many spark plugs in a hemi v8

How many spark plugs in a v8?

Whether you have Toyota, Lexus, Alfa Romeo, Dodge Charger, Mercedes AMG, or a Chrysler, the number of spark plugs on your engine depends on the number of cylinders and type of engine you have.

V8 engines typically have eight cylinders with one spark plug on each cylinder, making them eight spark plugs in a V8 engine.

However, different manufacturers use different technologies and designs. For example, some manufacturers use dual ignition technology. Here, the manufacturer uses two spark plugs per cylinder.

Dual ignition technology offers less emission and improved horsepower, depending on the number of ignition coils or spark plug wires per cylinder.

Whether the engine uses a single spark or dual ignition technology, you can determine the number of spark plugs by counting the plug wires or coils. However, Hemi engines utilize ignition coils, with one coil connecting to two spark plugs in a single cylinder.

So, if you’re asking how many spark plugs in a Hemi V8 or how many spark plugs in a V8 5.7 Hemi engine, the answer is sixteen spark plugs. Hemi V8 engines have two spark plugs per cylinder, making a total of sixteen plugs. So, if you need spark plug replacement in a Hemi engine, you’ll buy sixteen plugs.

Here are some examples of V8 engine cars with 16 spark plugs; 2003 5.7L HEMI Chrysler, 2003 Mercedes CL55 AMG, 2013 5.7L Dodge Ram, 2006 Dodge Charger RT, and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: How many spark plugs does a V12 have?

V12 engines are very powerful and heavy due to the number of cylinders, pistons, fuel injectors, and engine size. A typical V12 engine has one spark plug per cylinder, making it 12 spark plugs. However, some manufacturers like Mercedes use dual ignition technology, meaning they use two spark plugs per cylinder, making it 24 plugs in V12 engines.

The dual ignition technology ensures cleaner emissions and increased horsepower. Here, two spark plugs fire simultaneously on one cylinder, making the ignition process much faster. 

Q: How many coil packs are in a V8?

Your V8 engine uses coil packs if it does not have plug wires. The coil packs are on top of the engine, with one coil per cylinder. However, whether your V8 engine uses 8 or 16 spark plugs, it’ll have eight coil packs. Like the Hemi, engines with dual spark technology use a coil-on-plug ignition system. One of these coil parks control the two plugs on the same cylinder.

Q: How many spark plugs Does the 5.0 have?

A 5.0 Ford Mustang uses eight spark plugs. This muscular V8 engine requires good spark plugs like Iridium to meet the manufacturer’s claim of less fuel consumption, less emission, and 450 horsepower and 410 lb.

Q: Why does a V6 have 12 spark plugs?

Generally, V6 engines use six spark plugs, one per cylinder. However, some car manufacturers like Porsche and Alfa use 12 spark plugs in their V6 engines, with two plugs per cylinder.

These manufacturers believe that two spark plugs per cylinder improve ignition and stage the combustion cycle for a smoother burn. In any case, other manufacturers like Mercedes have started adopting this technology.

Q: What engines use 24 spark plugs?

Engines usually have I4, V4, V6, V8, V10, and V12 layouts with one spark plug per cylinder. This means an engine usually has between 4 to 12 spark plugs. However, some manufacturers now use two plugs per cylinder on some vehicles.

For instance, Mercedes uses two spark plugs per cylinder on their V12 aircraft engine, making 24 spark plugs in the aircraft engine. With two plugs per cylinder, the engine completes the combustion process much faster and cleaner than engines with a single spark per cylinder.

Q: How many spark plugs does a 5.3 V8 have?

If you’re asking how many spark plugs in a 5.3 V8 engine, the answer is eight spark plugs. The Chevy Silverado Sierra 5.3 V8 engine has one spark plug per cylinder, like several V8 engines.

Q: How many spark plugs does a V8 Ram 1500 have?

The Dodge Ram 1500 V8 engine uses a dual ignition system. As explained above, the dual ignition system uses two spark plugs per cylinder for less gas consumption, cleaner emission, and better engine performance. Therefore, the V8 Ram 1500 has 16 spark plugs.

Q: How many spark plugs are in a Mustang GT?

Ford rolled out the mustang engine with eight spark plugs, with one spark plug on each cylinder. The spark plug is pre-gapped from the factory. So whenever you want to replace your Ford Mustang spark plugs, get eight pieces of Iridium spark plugs for improved performance.

Final Words

So, precise answer to How many spark plugs in a V8 engine depends on the vehicle. Typically, V8 engines have either eight or sixteen spark plugs. So, to determine the exact number of spark plugs in your V8 engine, consult your owner’s booklet or count the spark plug wires or ignition coil.

However, cars with dual ignition technology use eight coil packs, making it difficult to determine the number of plugs by counting the coil packs. In any case, you can still determine how many plugs these cars have by removing the coil packs.

Finally, if you understand the underhood working principles of a car, you can change the plugs yourself. Though, you need pre-gap and performance spark plugs for excellent results.

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