The Brand worth your Buck Between Husky vs. Kobalt

Husky and Kobalt have fast become the most successful manufacturers of hand tools in recent years. These companies have an array of devices, and they all have plenty of customers who rely on their products daily. However, with similar products, it becomes quite hard to evaluate the better tools for your needs. This article, fortunately, is here to guide you appropriately regarding Kobalt vs. Husky debate as well as pointing out the differences between Snap-on vs. Bluepoint tools. Therefore, feel free to read to the very end, and hopefully, you will gain some useful tips. Each analysis will start with a brief on the history and background of each brand, followed by their respective signature tools.

Husky vs. Kobalt

Husky & Kobalt Tools Comparison Resulting in Tie

Husky and Kobalt are both well-known brands offering a range of hand tools for various applications. Ultimately, the choice between two hand tool manufacturers will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the tools you require. However, here’s a comparison of these two brands based on several key factors:

Kobalt 227-Piece Standard...
Kobalt 227-Piece Standard...
Kobalt 227-Piece Standard...
Kobalt 227-Piece Standard...
Features & Benefits Husky Kobalt
Product Range Offers a wide range of hand tools, including Wrenches, Pliers, Socket sets, and more. Provides a broad selection of hand tools including Saws, Power Tool Combo Kits, Drills and drivers, Sanders and polishers, and more
Strength Known for their focus on durability and value for the invest. Known for their innovation and tools with unique features.
Quality Generally considered to be of good quality, with a focus on durability and affordability. Known for their decent quality and innovative designs.
DIY/Professional Use Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners. Cater to both DIYers and professionals.
Warranty Come mostly with a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind for buyers. Offers mostly a lifetime warranty on their hand tools, which is an advantage for customers.
Pricing Usually priced competitively, making them a good choice for those on a budget. Reasonably priced and provides good value for the money.
Availability Primarily available through Home Depot stores and their website. Available through Lowe’s stores and their website.
Ergonomics & Design Often feature a straightforward, no-frills design with a focus on functionality and durability. Incorporate more innovative design elements and ergonomic features for added user comfort.
Ecosystem Part of The Home Depot ecosystem, which includes other Husky tools and storage options. Part of the Lowe’s ecosystem, and they offer a range of tools and storage solutions as well.

Kobalt Tools

This brand is a more recent one compared to Husky, as it was incorporated in 1998 by Lowe’s American home improvement chain. This line grew significantly in 2011, and they also manufacture a full range of lithium-ion battery-powered tools as well as their popular hand tools – the real strength of the brand.

They produce the best quality of tools that will ensure maximum utility and durability. In 2003, the Danaher Corporation started producing the majority of Kobalt hand tools, although this arrangement was ended in 2011 and switched to a different supplier or its mechanic’s hand tools.

Some people also tend to wonder about the better options between Kobalt vs. Craftsman, but it is all a question of tastes and preferences. The Kobalt brand was made to compete with the Craftsman, and they have been doing a great job at it. The Kobalt tools warranty also assures its customers of a long-term service of about five years, which is a too great offer for any mechanic to turn down.

Kobalt sells just about everything, from simple tools such as a screwdriver to the massive master mechanic toolsets. Typically, you will always find anything you need from Kobalt. Their tools are crafted generally from fine chromium-vanadium steel and coated with an extra layer of heavy chrome plating for protection. They look just as good as they work and feel even better than they look.

If you are looking to find a well-balanced set of tools at your fingertips that inspire your manual creativity, you can never go wrong with the Kobalt tools. The essential hand tools are masterful executions of the craft. Below are some of the best Kobalt tools that offer great value for your hard-earned money that is evident in the strong tools portfolio Kobalt is so famous for.

Advanced Mechanic Tool Set

This is one of the leading mechanics toolsets adding to Kobalt’s praise across the mechanics community. It contains about 300 pieces of Kobalt tools that fill out your chest with everything you require for your craftsmanship. It has all sizes of ratchet handles, hex keys, driver handles, extension bars, spark plug sockets, and many more. This set also comes packaged in a foam organizer, and it guarantees a long life of excellent service.

20-Piece Screwdriver Set

Everyone requires screwdrivers and every tool brand offers them. But this Kobalt set stands out by virtue of superb organization and huge collection. The Kobalt 324C20N makes them easier to find, and above all, it contains a little bit of everything: Torx, flat, Phillips, an offset driver, and even a square drive. You should not stop everything to look for a screwdriver! Get this set, and you will never have to look for one again.

Materials for Kobalt Tools

For a tool to be ranked among the best, it ought to be made of the elements above general standards. That is what Kobalt tools are credited for. And the most decent quality mechanics tools are usually made of CR-V (chromium-vanadium steel). Some tools may be made of chromium-nickel steel, and on occasion, you might encounter others made with chromium-molybdenum steel.

All these elements are usually alloyed with iron to give them their various properties. The chromium ensures resistance to corrosion, hardening, and above all rust resistance. The molybdenum contributes to the toughness, while nickel prevents corrosion.

While trying to decide on the better Kobalt vs. husky air compressor, it is advisable to look at the specifications for both and decide which one better suits your needs. They are just about the same, with slight differences, although some say that the husky one is better as it has a higher 175 PSI, and thus, you can get more work done faster before the motor needs to kick in.

For you to take care of your Kobalt tools you need to clean them regularly; they should be kept dry. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a squirt or a WD-40. Also, you should observe safety precautions while using these tools, such as wearing gloves, safety glasses, and more.

Husky Tools

Husky Tools

Husky is typically a line of hand tools, as well as tool storage products and pneumatic tools. It was founded in 1924 and is now known as the House brand of The Home Depot. The husky hand tools were initially made in the US, but they are presently manufactured in Taiwan and China – their primary base.

The Husky brand is older as it was founded in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They initially started as manufacturers of wrenches. This brand was sold several times, but it is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker, who started selling Husky tools exclusively to Home Depot at the beginning of 1992.

Today, this brand is a full line of hand tools such as screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, and some pneumatic tools, as well. They offer an economical alternative to the more expensive national brands without compromising on quality. The devices have tons of benefits; hence, they are a smart choice whether you are in the market looking for your first tool or merely looking to expand your collection of tools.

People in most cases get confused as to which is the better and so husky vs. Kobalt vs. craftsman vs. Stanley debate ensues. And in as much as all are, Husky tools are of higher standard judging by several characteristics, and the said tool brands can never be the same.

It is essential for you to make a wise decision by picking tools that suit your preferences when it comes to performance, specifications, price, and durability. The husky tools warranty spans for about one year. If their product fails due to a defect in artistry or even material during this time, you can return it to any Home Depot store with a receipt for replacement. Here you go with some of the tools enriching Husky tools portfolio:

Husky Wrench 6 pc Ratchet

This is the first tool from the inventory of Husky. If you are interested in DIY repairing, joining, or merely typical craftsmanship, you ought to have an essence for ratchets of various sizes. It is made in the USA with a promise of durability and quality, and it doubles as a perfect gift for any mechanic or Craftsman. However, the models made in China are not as good as those made in the USA.

Husky GP-57101N17 18 Rolling in

With this product, carrying a handful of hand and power-driven tools has been made easier. This tool is created especially for those who often deal with loads of devices, and it comes in handy, especially while traveling. It is durable and has a convenient design that houses both hand and power tools without much struggle. Also, the 3-in-1 tool bag combo makes a perfect tool bag, and thus, you will not require buying any kit for your tools in a while.

Mechanic tools Automotive Professional set

This is a set of products that can be handy in case of any artistry. This tool bag is perfect for all your mechanic needs as it is an all-in-one tool piece collection where you will find 92 different pieces of small and handy tools. In need of DIYing, professional, or semi-professional tools, they prove to be super purposeful.

For Husky vs. Pittsburg tools, they make a more competitive duo, and most of their mechanic toolsets are protected by a stout and loud lifetime warranty. Husk and Kobalt cabinets are well-built, and most of their users are often happy with them. Their quality and appearance are also pleasing.

Taking care of your husky tools is the same as for any other tools if at all you would like them to last. Moreover, safety precautions ought to be adhered to keep you and your family safe from injuries or any preventable accidents.

Husky vs. Kobalt Differences: Comparing Pros and Cons

Now that you know what these brands have in their portfolios, you better compare them to highlight the differences. A thorough examination of both the marques’ pros and cons will tell you which one to go for. Read on to find your favorite. 

You may be a weekend DIY warrior or a professional mechanic; both will require a set of tools. But the type of task needs to be accomplished and the level of expertise mastered by one will determine who needs what or which tools can address your need. After going through the background and portfolio of the Husky tools, a novice can opine with an expert determination that it will well answer the requirements of a DIY enthusiast. Not to get confused, it can help a professional mechanic in need but will not suffice. And in an in-house competition, the hand tools stand taller because of their outstanding resiliency than the power tools. 

Yes, Husky tools enjoy raging popularity for durability and quality, but they are unbeatable when accomplishing light tasks at and around the home. But they are not found in the mechanic toolbox for doing heavy-duty and precision tasks. 

To complement Kobalt tools, you must recognize their versatile applications in light tasks at home and heavier projects to be handled by a professional expert. The credit goes to the high-end materials preferred by the Kobalt production line.

Another crucial consideration while voting for a tool brand is warranty and support. Stout and extended warranty statements speak volumes for the confidence that they are for quality and durability. Husky tools enjoy an edge over its rival thanks to its above-average lifetime guarantee. However, if it is a strong selling point for Husky tools, Kobalt cannot be a deal breaker as it is not without warranty and support. 

The next point to go in favor of Husky is their robust collection of tools amounting to 1000 power and hands tools enough to overflow your tool arsenal. But Kobalt compensates in this regard backed by its premium-grade machine sets what enjoy the top professionals’ backing. 

Now, there is an award to offer after the Husky vs. Kobalt competition is over, but both the rivals have an equal claim for it. If you want to credit one with quality and performance, the other will mock your verdict by displaying their outstanding durability with quality service for slight duty tasks. Better, you determine your requirements and level of expertise; the right and best toolset will pop out in front of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Are Husky and Kobalt the same company?

Husky and Kobalt are two popular tool brands that often come up when discussing home improvement projects. Though they may appear to be the same company at first glance, they are actually owned by different parent companies. Husky is a brand of tools owned by The Home Depot, while Kobalt is owned by Lowe’s Companies Inc.

Both Husky and Kobalt offer a variety of power tools ranging from drills and saws to air compressors and pressure washers. Both brands also carry hand tools like hammers, wrenches, pliers, ratchets, and more. Despite this similarity in product selection, each brand has its unique features that set them apart from one another.

Q: Are Kobalt and Snap on the Same?

Kobalt is typically the retail brand of Snap-on tools, although this does not mean that they are the same. Their lusters, as well as quality and blank size, are similar. If you did not know, Snap-on owns Williams. Kobalt has since 2002/2003 been made by Danaher when Kobalt by Williams stopped being sold. There are some Kobalt tools that Snap-on does not manufacture, and other manufacturers do work for them.

Q: Who makes Husky and Kobalt tools

In case you are wondering, “who makes husky tools?” husky is a line of hand, pneumatic hand tool storage products. It was founded in the year 1924, and it is presently best known as The Home Depot’s house brand, where it is sold exclusively. Its products are manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker, Apex Tool Group, and Iron tools and are of Western origin. So many people ask us where husky tools are made in? Husky tool origin is the USA, but now they are largely made in China and Taiwan!

Kobalt tools, on the other hand, are owned by Lowe’s American home improvement chain, and their tools are supplied by JS Product of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their screwdrivers are provided by great Neck, and they also have cordless power tools manufactured by Chevron.

Q: Is Kobalt a Good Tool Brand?

Kobalt is typically a heavy-duty tool, and most of the customer reviews, if not all, have declared it as a good tool for its functions. Their ratchet wrenches are pretty good as well, and most of the Kobalt tools are manufactured in Taiwan, which is a renowned name for making very good tools. Their warranty also doubles in to ensure you have quality and durable service, and if this does not occur, you can always complain to their suppliers.

Q: Are Kobalt Wrenches Any Good?

Kobalt tends to have higher quality hand tools than regular Craftsmen. Their wrenches have great chrome and are also considered relatively heavy-duty. They are also extremely well-formed and tend to have a bit more tolerance than a high-end wrench. Another thing to note is that every Kobalt tool has a ‘blanket return authorization (RA)’ where stores get automatic credit for these returns.

Q: Which is Better, Craftsman or Kobalt

When faced with the argument Kobalt vs. Craftsman 2018, you will certainly wonder which is the better of the two. Kobalt is often considered a better overall deal, although, in certain features, the Craftsman’s design may be better. Both brands, however, are pretty great for DIY beginners, but it just seems that Kobalt offers a better band for your buck overall.

Q: Is Kobalt Made in The USA?

The Kobalt core stuff is US-made, and if you like Craftsman quality, Kobalt is no different. The first run Kobalt was made by Williams, although Kobalt now sells Danaher tools made in Taiwan. Nonetheless, they are good tools that perform better than many models, thus making them a great option to prefer to many others.

Q: Are Craftsman’s Tools Made In The USA?

Most of Craftsman’s tools are not manufactured in the United States. They mainly use third-party producers to manufacture their various products. At the start of 2010, most of Craftsman’s handy tools that were initially produced by Apex Tool Group started being assembled in Taiwan, China.

Final Words

When it comes to the benefits of both Kobalt and Husky tools, they offer lifetime warranty which is great, although their warranties vary tool to tool. On its top, both brands offer exceptional value, and their tools are often priced cheaper than the tools made by other rival brands.

One thing you might notice that the two brands, inspiring the tight competition, seem strikingly similar when evaluating. And it is tough for any expert to declare one to be a clear winner. Kobalt, however, appears to have a slight edge in overall quality, whereas husky makes up for that by having a few extras in their kits. The sets from husky thus might offer more value for your buck, but either way, it is a matter of preference that leaves you alone to decide what is best for your needs.

Both manufacturers make great and affordable tools that would make an awesome addition to your collection of tools. All said and done. I hope you now have adequate information that would help you pick the better brand that offers exceptional value for your money without much struggle.

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