Who Makes STP Oil Filters?

Oil filters are an essential component of the car’s engine, as it helps supply clean oil. There are various oil filters available in the market, and STP oil filters are among the top options for most car owners. Thus, drivers and many car enthusiasts are keen on knowing who makes STP oil filters.

The car requires sufficient oil for proper functioning and lubrication of the engine parts. Nevertheless, the engine of your vehicle only needs clean oil, free from contaminants. Hence, oil filters are essential for getting rid of dirt.

The best oil filters remove the contaminants and allow the proper flow of the fluid. This feature seems pretty peculiar to what STP oil filters offer. However, there are a few speculations about the manufacturers of STP oil filters. Nevertheless, this article will reveal the company behind this outstanding oil filter.

STP Oil Filters History

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STP oil filters are from Champion Laboratories, Inc., formerly known as Kleen Pak manufacturing company. The firm, founded in 1955, is among the top suppliers of automotive filter lines and supplies more than thirty private companies.

The firm had a tremendous leap in 1959, as they patented their engine-end relief valve to produce spin-on oil filters. This innovation appears to be one of the breakthroughs in the industry. Champions also have various aftermarket brands, including fuel filters and oil filters for heavy-duty and lightweight engines.

Kindly note that this company is behind other famous brands like Mobil 1 oil filters and K&N oil filters. The success of the high-quality assurance program conducted by Champion Laboratories is highranked.

Hence, the company has earned various supplier awards for both its excellent products and excellent customer service. The production of STP oil filters offers car owners good quality filtration at an affordable cost.

Undoubtedly, motorists know that their engine’s performance increases with the presence of an effective oil filter. Thus, it seems essential to get the best option for your car, and STP filters appear compatible with various car models.

Who Makes STP Oil Filters

Champions Laboratory, Inc. makes STP oil filters, and this company is one of the top producers and distributors of equipment filters. The firm has its headquarters in the United States (Albion, Illinois) and distributes its products across various parts of the world.

Within the US, Champions Laboratories has a manufacturing and distribution station in Michigan (Shelby Township), aside from the main office in Illinois. There are functioning distribution locations in Canada (Toronto) and Costa Rica (San Jose)

Since its inception, they have been producing professional-grade top-quality filters in the US and supplying them worldwide. In 1970, the company became a possession of STP corporation and Andy Granatelli.

Since then, the firm has successfully achieved various goals, and they launched a training portal (Luber-Finer® University) for empowering fleet managers in 2016. Another notable expansion is the opening of a new facility in Shanghai, China, in 2017.

The production of equipment filters only involves the use of top-quality products that meet folks’ needs out there. It seems pretty challenging to frequently inspect oil filters; it is crucial to have top-quality oil filters in cars’ engines.

With that, you can rest assured that its functionality will not reduce quickly. Hence, Champions Laboratories has this factor in consideration, producing STP oil filters with the most admirable materials.

You can achieve such efficiency with STP filters, as they have excellent quality construction that is pretty durable. This oil filter comes at a reasonable price, making it pretty interesting, as you can get such a high-performance product at an affordable cost.

The good news is that STP has a wide range of filters, offering broad coverage and selection for different vehicles. The incredible innovations that come with this filter line are tremendous, as it comes in a design that meets the engine’s needs.

STP Oil Filters Pros and Cons

STP oil filters have some pros and cons, and this can help you determine if the oil filter from this product line would serve your car effectively. Below are some pros and cons of STP oil filters.


STP oil filters work effectively as an oil purifier, removing foreign particles from the motor oil before reaching the engine. Remember, contaminated oil in the engine can cause serious engine problems and reduce the vehicle’s performance.

Thus, it would help if you had good oil filters to improve the engine’s shelf life and save it from potential damage. This line of oil filters has unique designs that make them compatible with a wide range of cars.

Then top-quality construction is one excellent feature, and as such, it can last for up to 5,000 miles. These benefits seem good for its affordable price, much more, since it prevents the passage of even the smallest contaminants from reaching the car’s engine.


One problem that car owners face with STP oil filters is finding compatible ones for their vehicles. Kindly note that this line of oil filters has different options for various car models. Still, it would do no good for your vehicle if you can’t find a compatible option.

Unlike most popular oil filter options, the STP oil valve lacks the anti-drain (silicone) back valve. Thus, it may seem pretty tricky to stop oil from draining out of the filter when the car’s engine is off.

Nevertheless, this oil filter does not appear to be bad much more with its reasonable price. This loss is “offset” by the quality construction that STP oil filters have and their long-lasting abilities.

STP Oil Filter


Q: Are STP oil filters any good?

STP filters are an excellent construction made of durable materials that effectively remove contaminants from motor oil. Again, they lack the silicone anti-drain valves at the back, yet the filter seems excellent and allows a proper fluid flow.

One compelling reason why most folks for this line of oil filters is the affordable cost. Thus, you can get excellent quality at a reasonable price. If you compare STP vs. Mobil 1 oil filter, there is not much difference, and you can rest assured that your engine would get oil-free from dirt using any of the two.

Q: Which oil filter is best, STP or FRAM?

Most car enthusiasts prefer STP oil filters to FRAM, as they last for more extended periods. The FRAM oil filters do a great job separating the contaminants from the oil and ensuring the engine receives only clean motor oil.

However, FRAM oil filters come designed with a filtration media that appears pretty thin (more like a paper towel). Thus, if you drive across off-road terrain very often, this filter won’t be the best option and won’t last for long. Nevertheless, STP oil filters appear to be more reliable.

Q: Where are STP air filters made?

The STP air filters are manufactured in Mexico but distributed across various parts of the world. These air filters do a great job holding much dirt capacity, preventing it from getting into the vehicle’s engine and disrupting its performance.

With such filters, you can rest assured that the excellent protection would revamp the engine’s performance and develop good fuel efficiency. The micro-pore feature is one upgrade that a few other competitors in the industry lack, which is a plus for these filters.

Q: How much does the STP oil filter cost?

STP oil filters are pretty affordable, as you can get one for as low as $14. However, you should know that the cost varies depending on the exact filter that matches your vehicle’s model. Kindly check the auto store near you to get the exact cost of a suitable STP oil filter for your car.

Again, it would be best to purchase these filters from reliable stores to avoid buying fake options that wouldn’t last long.

Final Words

STP oil filters are among the top options available in the market in various parts of the world. You can find various excellent options like the STP extended life oil filter S1006XL to help improve the efficiency of your car’s engine.

Nevertheless, there are some tales about who makes STP oil filters. You should know that Champion Laboratories, Inc. produces STP oil filters and other automotive filters. Since the inception of this private label, they have been producing and supplying equipment to other private firms.

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