Who Makes NAPA Oil – Is NAPA oil really Valvoline?

Motor oil is a crucial commodity for your car, and you should never compromise on its quality. Several brands assure you of top-grade oil, including NAPA. NAPA is a renowned brand that many vehicle manufacturers and auto enthusiasts recommend. Who makes NAPA oil? This is a common question you may have, though the answers are usually inconclusive.

Read on to quench your curiosity about NAPA, its products, and who is behind them.


NAPA Oil Explained

NAPA is an acronym for the National Automotive Parts Association, also known as NAPA auto parts. The company has been around since its inception in 1925 as a collective effort by auto parts dealers. NAPA works like a retail cooperative, and its initial mission was to improve the distribution channels of auto parts to satisfy the growing need as the automotive industry grew.

For more than 50 years, NAPA had a strong relationship with Genuine Parts Company (GPC), which was also founded in 1925. Presently, GPC is NAPA’s parent company after acquiring several companies under NAPA.

A crucial thing to know about NAPA is that it does not manufacture the products it stocks, including motor oil. Instead, it gets the products from leading manufacturers and brands them.

NAPA oil is the primary product under the motor oil category, though it also stocks oils from leading brands, such as Mobil.

It is easy to get NAPA oil, as the firm has more than 6000 stores in the USA. It is also present in Canada, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

A simple explanation of NAPA oil is it works like a supermarket, while its products, like oil, are store-branded utilities.

NAPA Oil-Recommended Vehicle Models

As mentioned earlier, several car manufacturers recommend NAPA oil for their models. On its website, you will see that NAPA has fluids suits for models such as Ford, Chevrolet, Bentley, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Citroen, Volkswagen, Toyota, and many more.

When buying oil, you specify the model and check out the befitting products for the car.

Available NAPA Motor Oils

NAPA has a large catalog of motor oils, classified into synthetic, conventional, and blends. The full synthetic oil is a product of advanced technology formulation and synthetic base stocks to offer maximum protection to the engine.

The synthetic oils are multigrade, suitable for a vast temperature range. Available oil grades include 0w16, 10w30, 15w50, 5w30, 0w20 and 5w20. Additionally, there is the full synthetic high-mileage motor oil, which is suitable for older engines that have clocked more than 75000 miles. The high-mileage oil has additives that shield the engine from oxidation, thermal breakdown, and deposits to boost its life.

NAPA conventional oil and blends are cheaper than synthetic oils and feature top-grade additives for your engine’s best performance. The conventional high-mileage motor oils are perfect for engines with more than 75000 miles, courtesy of their high-quality base stocks. Under the conventional oil category, you find both multigrade and single-grade products.

Who Makes NAPA Oil?

Valvoline is the company behind NAPA oil. Valvoline is among the market leaders in vehicle lubricant and auto care products and boasts a lengthy stay on the scene. Considering Valvoline deals in high-grade products, it is clear where NAPA oil’s quality comes from.

Is NAPA oil the same as Valvoline? NAPA is a company on its own, and its only relationship with Valvoline is the acquisition of motor lubricants, which it rebrands. It is basically a buyer-seller relationship.

As earlier hinted, NAPA oil is one of many products NAPA deals in. It also stocks products from notable brands, such as Mobil, Pennzoil, Castrol, and Quaker State.


What Brand of Oil Is NAPA Oil?

NAPA is a large firm that deals in various automotive utilities, including motor oil. The motor oil has the firm’s label but does not manufacture lubricant and other products it stocks. NAPA repackages Valvoline oil and brands it as NAPA. It means NAPA oil is more of a store brand, with the product coming from a different company, in this case, Valvoline.

Which is better, NAPA oil vs. Castrol? Both brands have high-quality conventional oils formulated with essential additives and base oils to improve engine life. Castrol’s synthetic oils beat NAPA’s by a slight margin, supported by the patented Fluid Titanium Technology for extra resilience.

What Company Makes NAPA Oil Filters?

NAPA is the go-to companion for car parts like oil filters. NAPA oil filters come in two categories, NAPA Gold and NAPA Platinum, and are products of WIX, a company specializing in automotive and machinery filters.

NAPA Gold filter is suitable for regular driving and light equipment. It is the typical WIX filter that can support your vehicle for 3750-10000 miles. NAPA Platinum is the same as WIX XP, a heavy-duty filter ideal for sports cars, off-road vehicles, and trucks.

Who Makes NAPA Brand Parts?

NAPA does not manufacture the auto parts it deals with but gets them from manufacturers, labels, and distributes them to customers. It partners with several automotive utility companies, such as Valvoline for motor oil, WIX for oil filters, and Gates for belts. NAPA will rebrand the products in its name before stocking them.

Can I Mix Mobil and NAPA Oil?

NAPA oil vs. Mobil 1, which is better? Mobil 1 leads in engine protection, courtesy of its additives that neutralize acids, clean engine parts, and trap harmful particles. NAPA oil also has additives, but they do not match the intensity of Mobil 1. Nonetheless, NAPA oil is cheaper than Mobil 1.

It is possible to mix the two oil brands, though they should be compatible. For instance, mix conventional with conventional, and do the same for synthetic unless you want a blend. The grades should also be the same to prevent any mishaps. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stick to one brand, as the mismatch in additives and formulation technology may lead to issues like sludge buildup and improper viscosity.

How Many Miles Is NAPA Synthetic Oil Good For?

You need to regularly change your oil for your engine’s health. Synthetic oil typically lasts longer than conventional oil, meaning you will have longer intervals between oil changes, which is convenient. NAPA synthetic oil can last between 5000 and 7500 miles before prompting a change.

Is NAPA Oil Any Good?

NAPA oil is among the top engine oil brands that guarantee longevity and excellent performance. NAPA boasts a diverse collection of lubricants, from conventional and synthetic oil to blends. NAPA synthetic multigrade oils are the best, especially if you drive in varying weather conditions. Additionally, they have few impurities and will prevent sludge and engine wear due to their additives.

You can go for NAPA conventional oils and blends for regular driving. The additives in the regular lubricant will enhance your engine’s well-being.

Final Words

NAPA oil has been a mainstay in the auto care scene for ages and is the go-to brand for many motorists. Many people don’t know who makes NAPA oil, while others assume NAPA is the manufacturer. Valvoline manufactures and supplies oil to NAPA, which it rebrands and sells.

Valvoline is renowned for its quality adherence, an attribute it lends to NAPA through their business relationship. Check out NAPA’s other products from a store near you or its website and try them to appreciate their quality.


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