Who Makes O’Reilly Oil? Is It Any Good?

The right oil for your car does many wonders, providing lubrication for the engine’s proper functioning. There are various motor oils in the market, and one option that works well for various cars is O’Reilly Oil. Thus, most folks are keen on knowing who makes O’Reilly oil.

This synthetic oil brand is among the best in the market, as it scores high in the wear tests. Again, this oil brand also has fantastic Used Oil Analysis (UOA) results compared to other industry options.

What company makes O’Reilly oil? This piece would reveal the manufacturers of O’Reilly oil and more details to clear all doubts and misunderstandings. Here, I will also talk about the pros and cons of this motor oil brand.

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O’Reilly Oil History

This oil brand is a “work” of Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC, an independent lubricant producer in Shreveport, LA. Founded in 1978. The firm (Omni Industries, LLC) started as a small petrochemical marketing business for the family.

However, Omni Industries appears to be one of the largest manufacturers, marketers, and distributors of chemicals and lubricants to the automotive industry in the US and worldwide. The firm currently supplies about 15% of the aftermarket brake fluids in the United States.

Soon, there was a need to open a packaging facility in 1998 due to the great opportunity in the lubricant market. Thus, Omni is behind some industrial and hydraulic lubricants, heavy and light automotive lubricants, brake fluids, and motor oil.

Some top products that Omni offers include fuel injector cleaners, torque and tractor hydraulic fluids, degreasers, power steering fluid, oil and gas boosters, solvents, rust preventatives, and various refined petroleum products.

This firm is also in charge of the production of the processing, packaging, custom blending, and product design. Again, Omni Specialty Packaging produces lubricants for privately-owned companies that work well for automobiles and lawn and garden equipment.

Most of the products from this company are privately labeled, but they developed their labels Xtra Rev and Pure Guard. The company has the API license, ILMA certification, and ISO certification that proves its efficiency in meeting the standards.

O’Reilly motor oil is among the best options for most car owners, and even at that, it comes at a fair price. Kindly ensure that you purchase this motor oil from trusted stores to avoid buying those of imitation quality.

Pros of O’Reilly Oil

There is no doubt that motor oils lubricate the internal engine parts, preventing wear that may often result from metal-to-metal contact.  The O’Reilly high mileage oil review indicates that this motor oil offers total protection for cars, SUVs, and Trucks.

When you start noticing some signs of engine wear after driving for about 75,000 miles, it may be time to start using high-mileage oil like O’Reilly. This synthetic motor oil provides some extra protection when compared to most conventional options.

O’Reilly motor oil appears to be less prone to degradation, even when you drive in tough conditions. Hence, car owners can rest assured that they wouldn’t have to deal with problems like engine sludge that decreases the car’s performance.

Interestingly, this oil can last for up to six months, reducing the constant oil change. Remember, it is recommendable that car owners change the oil every three months when they use conventional oil.

On the other hand, O’Reilly lasts longer as it is synthetic, and you can rest assured that you would drive for more than 5,000 miles or wait till after six months before such servicing. With its less volatility, there are lesser chances of oil loss.

Cons of O’Reilly Oil

Since O’Reilly motor oil is synthetic, it seems pretty challenging to dispose of them. Improper disposal of synthetic oil can cause severe environmental pollution. Another problem that car owners face with this oil is the cost.

Although O’Reilly appears pretty affordable, it still comes expensive compared to some conventional oil in the industry. Nevertheless, the cost may not matter since it provides long-lasting engine protection.

Again, the various additives in such synthetic oil may precipitate during cold conditions, and some get stratified from the oil. Still, these additives are pretty crucial, as they work well in increasing mileage and preventing some engine problems.

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Who Makes O’Reilly Oil

Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC makes O’Reilly motor oil, and they are one of the largest producers of lubricants for automobiles, heavy-weight, and agricultural equipment. Over the years, the company has been offering great services throughout North America and other parts of the world.

The company’s corporate office located in Greenwell Springs (Louisiana) serves as the headquarters. This firm has 5 corporate connections, with four main branches. Nevertheless, they are among the top list of global suppliers for various petroleum products.

Their specialty covers the production and distribution of grease, brake fluid, ATF, fuel injector cleaners, metalworking, and motor oil. Omni supplies mass merchandisers, industrial users, wholesalers, retailers, and other consumers in the industry.

O’Reilly motor oil offers high mileage and contains anti-wear additives that help maintain the vehicle’s engine. The multi-grade line of oil allows car owners have a wide range of choices to pick the best oil that meets the needs of their vehicles.

Hence, you can look through your car’s manual to ascertain the oil type and weight needed for the engine and find a suitable O’Reilly oil. The good news is that the motor oil comes at an affordable cost while offering complete protection for the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is O’Reilly brand motor oil any good?

Good motor oils like O’Reilly scores higher in the wear test, placing the oil among the perfect options for the car’s engine. O’Reilly has a UOA result that is pretty outstanding and appears on the higher side compared to some other brands.

Although affordable, this brand of synthetic motor oil brand is highly efficient and works well for various vehicles. Interestingly, the oil meets API requirements, with 20w50, 5w20, 10w40,5w30, and 10w30 viscosity grades.

What kind of oil is O’Reilly oil?

The O’Reilly multi-grade oil is a synthetic blend for automobile engines. You can find one excellent product in the market, as its formulation works on reducing friction. In essence, it is a great option for preventing engine wear.

Using such a product can improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and prevent potential thermal breakdowns. This motor oil fights hard against volatility burn-off and reduces engine deposits and even exhaust emissions.

Is O’Reilly motor oil Synthetic?

O’Reilly is a synthetic oil for vehicles that offers top-quality engine protection. It works well for various driving conditions and has special formulations that keep the engine safe from the “drying” effects.

Compared to some other similar products, this motor oil does a more wonderful job in increasing the car’s engine life. Thus, it reduces the stress that vehicles face with constant drives and stops across the road.

Is name-brand oil better?

The brand name doesn’t matter when the oil matches your car’s needs and comes with the right certifications. In essence, there is maybe no need to pay extra for the sake of the brand name.

Nevertheless, some brands have a reputation for providing only the best motor oils in the industry. Thus, you may only get the desired result when using oils with such a brand name. Such a case makes the brand name pretty important, as you may want to stick to using those motor oils.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts carry Amsoil oil?

You can find Amsoil at the O’Reilly auto parts store, and it is not a thing of a surprise. Nevertheless, you can get this motor oil from the online Amsoil corporate store. The lines of this brand are products that offer high performance for the car’s engine.

They work great for the vehicle’s internal engine components and ensure they move smoothly with less friction. If you need this oil, you can check with the Amsoil dealer near you or check genuine auto stores.

Does Napa take used oil?

Napa auto parts store accepts used oil for recycling to prevent environmental pollution. Disposing of used oil rightly is often recommended, and recycling motor oil is a good step.

If you want to take your used motor oil to Napa, you can always sign up for their curbside program to reserve an oil filter bag and a used oil 2.25-gallon container. Once you get the container filled, you can drop it off at the several locations made available by Napa.

Final Words

Who makes O’Reilly oil? This question is common among various car owners and oil enthusiasts. There have been many speculations regarding who makes O’Reilly hydraulic oil. Thus, it is worth noting that Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC is the company behind the oil.

This corporation is a large manufacturer of various other petroleum products, and they serve many private label companies.  Is O’Reilly’s high-mileage oil good? This synthetic motor oil comes with additives that protect the car’s engine and prevent potential damage.

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