Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y – Know The Difference

The EV market has witnessed various kinds of electric cars, including average and luxury brands, over the years. Tesla happens to be a key player in this industry, manufacturing different electric vehicles for average and luxury-driven EV lovers.

Irrespective of the generic brand reputation, identifying the difference between the Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y will help you discern which model is best in terms of performance, range, size, safety, price, etc.

So, carefully study the subsequent sections of this article as they contain the significant difference between the Tesla Model 3 Vs. Y.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Tesla Model Y: Overview

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 was produced in 2017 after Elon Musk’s “secret master plan” in 2016, and since then, the EV has been one of Tesla’s low-priced but high-volume electric cars. Conversely, the seven-seater Model Y was released in 2019.

Since they were released into the EV market, these two models have been in demand. However, most buyers have ordered them based on their love for the Tesla brand. Others continue to place orders because they are enthusiastic about owning an electric car.

Buying the Model 3 or Model Y is a great decision; however, it is not enough to pick any of the models randomly without properly considering the car’s performance, range, interior space, etc.

These factors determine whether Model 3 or Y would be best for you. Nevertheless, while you contemplate these models, the specifications and other factors will help you make a better buying decision between a Model Y Vs. Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Specifications

Undoubtedly, Tesla manufactures some of the best electric cars in the EV market. The specifications of their product line say a lot about the brand. However, the specifications of Model 3 differ from Model Y; hence, identifying the core difference in specifications below matters.

  Model 3 Model Y
Charging 250kW 250kW
Miles Range  358 330
Top Speed 162 mph 155 mph
0 – 60mph 3.1 sec. 3.5 sec.
Other features Autopilot, App control, Sentry mode, dark glass roof, wireless charger, etc. Autopilot, flat-folding seats, App control, Sentry mode, dark glass roof, wireless charger, etc.
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

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Tesla 3 Vs. Y Interiors

The Model 3 and Y are designed with several similar interior components, including the 15-inch control panel touch-screen, glass roof, cup holders, wireless charger, power-adjustable seats, etc.

However, the fact that the Model 3 is manufactured as a sedan while the Model Y comes as a hatchback SUV automatically constrains both models to appear differently both on the interior and exterior.

The sedan design makes the Model 3 look sportier and sleeker than the Model Y. This design constrains the trunk space to about 15 cubic feet.

The car is structured to accommodate five passengers max, especially for the sake of comfort. However, the relatively small interior space means less comfort when compared to the interior of Model Y.

The Tesla Model Y is built as a larger SUV with up to 36 cubic feet. The SUV design means more interior space, including the rear trunk area. The car is structured to accommodate up to seven passengers because of the extra second-row seat.

The Model Y’s interior space means more comfort for you and your family, especially during long trips. So, if this is your primary goal, it is better to opt for the Model Y SUV instead of the Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Exteriors

One of the significant differences between Tesla Model Y and. Model 3 is the body structure. While the Model Y is a hatchback SUV, the Model 3 is a sedan. Therefore, the Model Y looks more like a family car, while the Model 3 can be likened to a sports car.

Outwardly, the Model 3 has a measurement of 184.8 inches in length, 72.8 inches in width, and 56.8 inches in height. Conversely, the Model Y is built with a measurement of 187 inches in length, 75.6 inches in width, and 63.9 inches in height.

So, technically, the Model Y is 2.2 inches longer, 2.8 inches wider, and 7.1 inches taller than the Model 3. That’s some significant difference that virtually everyone can spot at once right there when you place both models side by side.

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Model 3 Vs. Model Y Suspension

While several differences and similarities exist between Model 3 and Model Y, the suspension is one core factor that is similar in both models.

If you’re contemplating the difference between Model 3 Vs. Model Y suspension: the Model 3 is fitted with a coil spring suspension system, having one coil spring on each wheel.

The coil spring suspension helps the EV absorb bumps, as well as enhances a low-body roll. This component is similar to the Tesla Model Y. However, the comfortability of the coil spring suspension system cannot be compared to that of the adaptive air suspension fitted in the Model X and Model S.

The adaptive air suspension lets the Model X and S drive with superior and smoother ride quality. This is because the driver has the liberty to choose a firmer or softer ride depending on the road conditions or your preference per time.

Unfortunately, the Model Y and 3 are yet to receive an upgrade to start using the adaptive air suspension system. This is a major difference between Tesla Model Y and. Model X.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Price

Tesla Model 3 was designed as one of Tesla’s low-priced electric cars. It is relatively cheaper, starting at $46,990 for the RWD model than the Model Y, which costs around $62,990 for the Long Range model’s starting price.

The Model 3 Performance and Long Range models are pretty much more expensive than the RWD model. The table below exposes the Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y price alongside their varying categories.

     Model 3 Price      Model Y Price
Model 3 Long Range $55,990 Model Y Long-Range $62,990
Model 3 Performance $62,990 Model Y Performance $67,990

The pricing table above shows that the Tesla Model Y (Long Range) is $7,000 more expensive than the same category of Model 3. Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance model is $5,000 more expensive than the similar category of the Model 3.

That’s a lot of money if you want to buy an electric car on a relatively small budget. So, if you want an EV with a long-range and relatively tiny budget, the Model 3 is certainly for you.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Size

No doubt, the Model Y is a relatively larger EV than the Model 3. Being an SUV, the Model Y is built with a bigger interior and exterior size. It is about 63.9 inches tall, 187 inches long, and 75.6 inches wide.

On the flip side, the Model 3 is 56.8 inches tall, 184.8 inches long, and 72.8 inches wide. Technically, the Model Y comes with a larger measurement in all ramifications. No wonder it is an SUV with more cargo space.

So, if you’re passionate about space and comfort, do not consider the Tesla Model 3 because it is a sedan. Of course, the Model Y is exactly what you need based on the Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y dimensions are outlined above.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Safety

Safety is the watchword when buying any car, including electric vehicles. The Tesla Model Y is said to outperform the Model 3, earning the highest rating when a crash test was conducted. 

However, it is almost predictable that a newer model from a particular brand will outperform the previous model. This is the case of the Model Y performing better than its Model 3 counterpart.

According to the IIHS – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report, the driver-side small overlap frontal test reveals that the Model Y experienced a 1cm intrusion. Meanwhile, the Model 3 intrusion level was up to 21cm. This is pretty much fatal compared to the damages of the Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Tesla Model Y: Battery and Range

Battery capacity, in correlation to the range it attains, is a significant aspect of an electric car. This is because the battery capacity is the determining factor that tells how long you can go with an EV.

The Tesla Model 3 is built for battery capacity and longer range than the Model Y. Its RWD model comes with an electric range of 272 miles, while the Performance and Long Range models are built to attain 315 and 358 miles, respectively.

Conversely, the Model Y Long Range model is built to attain 330 miles on a full charge, while the Performance model can attain around 303 miles. According to the manufacturer, the Model 3 can recharge faster by gaining a charge capacity of up to 175 miles within 15 minutes.

On the flip side, the Model Y can gain a charge capacity for up to 162 miles within 15 minutes as well. However, Tesla now offers a V3 250kW superfast charging network for all models.

So, based on the comparison between the Tesla Y Vs. 3 model battery and range, lovers of space and comfort will have to sacrifice performance and range for their desire by choosing the Model Y. Meanwhile, lovers of performance and range will have to sacrifice space and comfort by choosing the Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Power and Performance

Tesla is known for building some of the fastest electric cars in the EV market. However, while some EVs ranked as the brand’s fastest at the time, they were overtaken by their newer counterparts.

The Model 3 is built to offer power and performance in relation to the model you have. So, while the Standard Plus model is designed with RWD, the Performance and Long-Range Models are built with AWD. 

The Model 3 RWD, Performance, and Long Range models offer a top speed of 140mph, 162mph, and 145mph, respectively. While the RWD can ascend from 0–60 within 5.8 seconds, the Performance and Long Range models can do the same within 3.1 and 4.2 seconds, respectively.

On the other hand, the Model Y delivers around 135mph and 155mph top speeds on the Long Range and Performance models, respectively. Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance and Long Range models can ascend from 0–60 within 3.5 and 4.8 seconds, respectively.

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Is Model 3 better than Model Y?

The Model 3 is better than Model Y if you want an EV with a top-notch range and performance. However, you would have to forego the benefit of the spacious, accommodating interior that the Model Y offers.

So, technically, individual preference is a key factor when ascertaining which model is best between Tesla 3 Vs. Y; even though they are both products of the highly revered Tesla brand.

While you may be passionate about the overall performance, especially the electric range of the Model 3, another buyer may be concerned about getting a nice spacious EV for his family to enjoy amazing vacations every summer.

How much bigger is Model Y than 3?

If your preference is a spacious, accommodating interior, the Tesla Model Y is a better choice, offering a relatively bigger space, up to 36 cubic feet, than the Model 3. It is 7 inches taller and 2 inches wider and longer than Model 3.

Although the Model 3 offers a better range and performance than Model Y, it can only accommodate 5 passengers (including the driver) comfortably. This is bad news if you have a family of 5 or 6 people traveling a long journey.

In that case, the Tesla Model Y is a better option for family trips because of its large interior space and extra second-row seat for accommodating more passengers than the Model 3.

Is the Model 3 or Y cheaper?

The Tesla Model 3 is relatively cheaper than Model Y. While the 2022 Model Y is estimated at around $58,990 starting price, it’s Model 3 Standard Range Rear-wheel Drive counterpart costs around $48,490.

Meanwhile, Tesla offers a cheaper Model 3 for as low as $46,990. So, technically, if you need a relatively cheap electric vehicle from the Tesla brand, the Model 3 would be a more decent choice, especially due to its high performance and electric range.

However, if you’re more concerned about luxury and a bit of space for maximum comfort, especially during long journeys, the Model Y is a better option for you.

Can you negotiate the price for Tesla?

No, Tesla does not offer a price negotiation policy. All Tesla brands are displayed for sale at specific price tags. Buyers are expected to explore the beautifully designed electric cars from Tesla’s product line and pay the amount on the price tag of whatever model they choose.

Tesla offers sales online via their website and lives at the Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado, and California showrooms. You can use any medium that is convenient for you whenever you need to buy a Tesla Model Y or Model 3.

However, if the brand-new electric cars from Tesla’s showrooms are very expensive, you may want to consider buying a used Tesla EV.

Are Model 3 and Model Y floor mats the same?

The Model 3 floor mats are similar to those of Model Y; hence, you can use them interchangeably. They are made of the same material – thermoplastic elastomer. This material is 100% recyclable.

Several owners have tried matching their Model 3 floor mats with those in Tesla Model Y, including Trevor Page, the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club’s president. He confirmed that the floor mats are made of similar materials, and they fit perfectly.

How much will a Tesla cost in 2022?

Tesla manufactures electric vehicles for various categories of EV lovers, including average and luxury-driven personalities. Hence, the Tesla Model X is estimated at a starting price of around $44,490 for the Standard Range Plus, $55,990 for the Long Range, and $61,990 for the Performance model, respectively.

Other models include the Tesla Model S, which goes for an estimated amount between $94,990 and $124,990, and the Model Y, valued at $64,990 for the Long Range and $67,990 for the Performance model, respectively.

So, identifying the model that fits within your budget is a key factor if you intend to own an electric car from the world-class EV manufacturer – Tesla.

Final Words

Over the years, Tesla has gained a remarkable reputation among other EV manufacturers in the automotive industry. However, their product line has improved with their continuous improvement technology.

That’s why discerning the difference between Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y is essential when considering the EV to buy among these two. While the Model Y offers a larger size for maximum comfort and cargo space, the Model 3 offers a longer range with stronger battery capacity.

So, kindly make a choice between the Tesla Y Vs. 3 depending on your preference/priorities – larger cargo space and comfort or stronger battery capacity with longer miles of range.

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