Why are Tesla tires so expensive? – A Precise and Detailed Answer

EVs like Tesla are unarguably expensive due to the expensive parts used in building the car. Fortunately, the use of such quality parts makes the car needs less maintenance, which is cost-effective. The tires, however, don’t permit that since a Tesla vehicle eats lots of rubber.

These tires, however, are quite expensive and have got people wondering why. Generally, an average person may think Tesla tires are expensive because the car is a high-profile car. While this makes sense, it may not be correct. So, it merits an in-depth analysis to convincingly answer to why are Tesla tires so expensive?

Here is what a Rxmechanic expert has done. Read on.

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Why are Tesla tires so expensive?

Tesla vehicles, just like other EVs, are quite expensive because of the high-quality parts used in production. And just like those parts, their tires are also of high quality and deliver great performance. To many, this is a good reason Tesla tires are expensive. While this might make a lot of sense, that’s not entirely the case.

So why are Tesla tires so expensive? Tesla tires are expensive because of their rare diameter. These tires are at least 18 inches and of a low profile which is not common. They reportedly are the same tires fitted into sports cars. So technically, it’s not because the tire goes into a Tesla or its quality. It’s about the calibers of cars using the same tire profile Tesla uses and its unavailability.

It is worth noting that Tesla does not make their own tires—no Tesla-branded aftermarket tires. The Tesla tires we talk about are tires built by different tire manufacturers—only that they are the best fit for Teslas, especially because of the car’s weight and power.

The tire manufacturers that build these rare tire sizes fitted into Tesla are few and are not produced in much quantity. Because there are few producers, competition is quite—a reason it’s expensive. Literally, the same tires used on Teslas are also used by other vehicles out there. Not like they are built specifically for Tesla vehicles. 

For example, the Michelin Primacy MXM4, which comes as OEM for the Tesla Model 3, is also fitted in premium Sedans and even smaller SUVs.  In summary, companies producing such tire diameters are few, leading to less competition, ultimately influencing the price. So how much does Tesla tire cost? It could be anywhere from $76-$570, depending on the tire brand and size.

why are tesla so expensive


Q: What is so special about Tesla tires?

Tesla tires, no doubt, are of high quality and perform excellently, and can withstand the car’s weight without compromising performance. However, there is actually nothing special about Tesla tires.

Tesla tires are not Tesla-branded and are not even built specifically for Tesla vehicles. These tires are the same tires that go into other cars out there. They just have a particular profile that is not common, like regular car tires in the market. Generally, their demand exceeds supply, invariably making them expensive.

Q: Does Tesla need special tires?

Tesla, like other EVs, is heavier than regular cars and, therefore, won’t perform well on regular tires. Even regular tires would wear off quickly if fitted on a Tesla. So they need specific tires that can take on this weight and provide excellent performance.

These tires are of large diameters, at least 18 inches, and of low profile. They are special because they are rare. However, they are not manufactured by Tesla or built specially for Tesla vehicles. So you may ask, are Tesla tires different? No, they are not. They just need a certain diameter to take Tesla’s weight. And because they aren’t Tesla-built, any other car needing the same tire profile can use them.

Q: How much does it cost to replace to Tesla replacement tire?

Tesla tire replacement cost depends on the tire brand, size, and auto shop doing the replacement, and this can be between $1529 and $2300.  The tire alone can lurk around $76 to $570 per tire, depending on the size and brand. For example, Tesla tires price model y for sizes 255/40R20 from Goodyear sells at $313, Pirelli at $345, and Hankook at $433.

In contrast, Tesla tires price model 3 size 245/45R19 from BF Goodrich sells for $214, Pirelli at $228, and Yokohama at $243. Note that prices can be lower or higher depending on where you purchase. Labor, at most, can be around $40 per tire if you go with your tires. But if you’re buying the tires from the same shop, you may not pay up to this amount.

Generally, when you buy directly from a shop, you are either given a discount or have your tires mounted and balanced for free. If given a discount, you may be spending at most $20 per tire for replacement. For cheaper Tesla tires, Costco may be a great place to visit. And will mount the tires for free, provided the tires are authorized for your specific model.

Q: Why do Tesla tires wear so fast?

Despite the cost of these tires, they do not last long. Therefore, it’s Ok to ask, why do Tesla tires wear out so fast? Teslas, like other EVs, are heavier than their gas counterparts due to their heavy batteries. So they technically weigh more than regular cars.

The weight of this vehicle causes an increment in the tire’s friction, causing them to wear out quickly. However, how quickly they wear depends on how much torque you use. If you unleash the full EV acceleration, they will wear out faster.

Take a calmer approach like enabling the “chill mode,” then your Tesla tires may last as much as tires used by gasoline cars. You may, however, not get the fun of driving with an EV. Looking at how fast they wear, are Tesla tires good? Yes, they are; at least they can withstand Tesla’s weight and torque.

Q: Can I put any tires on a Tesla?

No, you can’t. Tesla is a heavy and powerful car, so it needs a tire that won’t just match its weight but also meet up its power on the road. So you need a special kind of tire for your Teslas, specifically tires with larger diameters. Tires that can be used on Tesla are low profile and at least 18 inches. So if you’re wondering why Tesla tires are different? Now you know.

Q: What brand of tire does Tesla use?

As stated above, Tires fitted into Teslas are produced by different manufacturers and not Tesla itself.  So we can’t say a specific tire brand is used on Tesla. Some popular and reliable brands that come as OEM on your Tesla are Goodyear, Michelin, Hankook, etc. For example, a new Tesla model 3 comes with the Michelin Primacy MXM4 as a factory tire.

And when it’s time for replacement, you can get your tires from any reliable brand so long as it meets the specifications of your Tesla models. Other reliable tires you can also fit into your Tesla include tires from Toyo, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Kumho, Yokohama, etc.

Q: How long will Tesla tire last?

We already stated that Tesla does not make these tires but are manufactured by different tire manufacturers. So, how long your Tesla tire last depends on the tire brand, size, and driving habits. Most Teslas are driven in cities which make them wear out faster. So you can get up to 30k to 40k miles from them.

However, you could find yourself replacing the tire earlier or later for some reason. First, tires last well when properly balanced, rotated, and inflated. If underinflated or overinflated, you may get less than 30k miles. Unleash the Tesla’s full toque; your tire will wear faster than drivers not taking full advantage of the acceleration.

Q: Does AAA fix Tesla flat tires?

AAA does not fix Tesla flat tires. However, they can help you tow your car, after which you find a solution to replace it with a spare. The only service that fixes flats is the Tesla roadside assistance offering the loaner wheel service (for certain regions). If you call regarding a flat, they will come with a spare that matches your car and fix it for you.

You will, however, return their spare after you get a new tire. This service, however, is available for only 4 years or 50k miles, after which you switch to AAA. Since AAA does not fix flats, what do you do when you have a flat? Generally, Teslas do not come with a spare as standard equipment. 

So the best option will be to buy a spare and keep it in your car. In case of a flat, you change your tire and get back on the road. If stranded somewhere unsafe, you can call them to tow your vehicle. When you get somewhere safe or, luckily, your house or a mechanic nearby, you can change your flat.

Q: Are tires covered under Tesla warranty?

Tesla’s warranty does not cover the tires. While Tesla fixes them on your car, the tires are not manufactured by them. Diverse tire manufacturers produce them.  So you may need to contact the tire manufacturer of the tire fitted into your car if they have a warranty.

However, Tesla’s warranty does cover roadside assistance. Their loaner wheel service can help you change a flat (not damaged) tire, after which you return it when you get new tires. If, however, the loaner wheel is unavailable, Tesla can help tow your car to your home, a nearby service center, or a third-party repair center 50 miles away from your vehicle’s location.

Q: Does Tesla rotate tires for free?

According to the Tesla maintenance plans, tire rotations are part of the annual service inspection, so they should rotate your tires for free at the end of the year. However, if the tire is brought in for rotation between the annual service inspections, you will pay.

But while this policy is in place, Tesla can also decide to do it for free even if brought in within the annual inspection plan. You could even get a free tire rotation whether you have their maintenance plan or not. For others, without a maintenance plan, you won’t get a free rotation. So it depends entirely on the Tesla service center.

In instances you don’t get a free rotation, you would have to pay for this service. So how much does Tesla charge for tires rotation? Tire rotation at a Tesla dealership lurks between $60- $150, which is expensive. But you can save up to 50%  if the rotation is done at a non-Tesla facility.


Tesla tires undoubtedly are of high quality and enhance performance even with the vehicle’s weight. They, however, are so expensive and don’t last long, prompting people to ask, why are Tesla tires so expensive? They are expensive because they have a specific profile that is not common. Generally, low supply and high demand invariably impact prices.

They are not necessarily expensive because they are fitted into a Tesla; other cars are also outfitted with them. These tires come in different sizes and are made by different manufacturers, so prices will differ. So before purchase, ensure you know the size recommended by your manufacturer and how much it costs.

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