Are Tesla Tires Different?

Electric cars are the future of the automotive industry, and you’ll agree that Tesla is exceptional compared to traditional and other EVs. The difference goes beyond the powertrain, the big screens, the designs, and the futuristic horsepower.

Tesla has a Solid Gold Reputation for keeping a standard in the EV industry. They introduced several technologies and features.

While Tesla may not be the most flashy and luxurious car, they extend these new technologies to their tires. This brings us to the question: are Tesla tires different? I’ll answer that in a moment. But first, let’s explain Tesla tires.

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Tesla Tires Explained

While Tesla tires are different, it’s essential to understand that Tesla does not have custom-made tires. This means that Tesla does not manufacture their tires. However, they do not use regular tires. Tesla-approved tires are manufactured by Hankook, Continental, Michelin, and Pirelli. These are the same manufacturers that produce tires for every other vehicle on the road.

Tesla is a high-performance electric car that needs certain technology and features to meet users’ expectations. Hence, the Tesla tires must have strong grips to handle the high torque and speed. Also, the tires must feature noise-reducing technology and low rolling resistance to enhance the driving experience. This explains why Tesla tires are so expensive.

Finally, approved tires for Tesla cars have TX specifications. When purchasing tires for your Tesla cars, you must look for T2, T1, and T0 on the tire sidewall. If you are asking what type of tires Tesla uses, you now know the answer.

Are Tesla Tires Different

If you are wondering, can you put any tires on a Tesla? The answer is yes. Certainly, you can fix normal tires on your tires if they fit the wheel hub, but you shouldn’t install them on a Tesla. You can doesn’t mean you should. Remember, I explained earlier that Tesla is special, and their difference goes beyond the powertrain, futuristic design, and drivetrain.

The main difference between Tesla and other car tires includes noise-canceling technology, low rolling resistance, weight rating, tread depth, better tire aerodynamics, and rubber compounds used in production.


The absence of a typical internal combustion engine in Tesla cars eliminates that roaring noise when accelerating the vehicle. Yet, Tesla takes a step further to eradicate noise from the cars by using noise canceling technology on their tires.

You may not notice that tires make noise on your internal combustion engine because the roaring engine noise covers it. But the truth is, your tires make loud noises, especially when you turn your vehicle into a road beast.

Since there’s no engine noise on Tesla, they had to deploy a noise-canceling technology to enhance users driving experience.

Special rubber material

Electric cars generally have a crucial difference that makes regular tires bad. EVs, including Tesla, offer nearly 100% torque upon start-up. This can result in more stress and wear on the front and rear tires. Tesla understands this and addresses it by using unique rubber material to extend the tire lifespan.

The unique rubber material, which includes a blend of synthetics and rubber, helps the tire for better handling, pressure retention, and stopping power.

Tread patterns & compounds

Another notable difference is the Tesla tread pattern and material. Tesla tires have excellent tread patterns for perfect grip and handling, and they are formulated with lower rolling resistance, making Tesla move faster in motion. This also increases the vehicle speed range.

More aerodynamic

When it comes to electric vehicles, every little increase counts. Since Tesla runs on battery power, they understand that every little addition extends the battery life count, and this also helps them to maximize their vehicle range.

Even the hubcaps and the wheel covers are aerodynamic. A test run by CarAndDriver shows that the Tesla Model 3’s aero wheel cover increases vehicle range by 10%. The Model 3 aero wheel cover should, in theory, reduce wind resistance and turbulence. Their aero wheel covers show that Tesla pays attention to details to earn their Solid Gold Reputation in the industry.

Weight ratings

Since electric cars are practically heavier than internal combustion engine power vehicles of the same size, they need tires that will carry that weight. While there are regular tires that can take any vehicle’s weight, they are not designed to fit in compact cars.

For instance, the Model 3 (the smallest Tesla Model) needs 98-load index tires to support it. And an average internal combustion engine-powered vehicle of the same size requires a 65-load index.

Low rolling resistance

Tires have different rolling resistance, which the vehicle can handle for perfect grip on the road. And since Tesla is more concerned about their battery range, they use low rolling resistance tires, which helps extend vehicle range.

Tesla tires feature unique rubber material and smaller tread blocks to reduce their rolling resistance.

Expensive and Difficult to repair

Most Tesla owners complain on several forums that they are disappointed that it is expensive to repair Tesla tires and difficult to find a mechanic. Though Tesla is increasing daily, this means more people are learning how to fix them.

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Does Tesla need special tires?

All Tesla cars use special tires to meet up with their high speed and torque so that you will have low rolling resistance, an extended vehicle range, and a smooth driving experience. However, you can fix a normal tire of the same size as your Tesla car, but you shouldn’t do it because it will wear off quickly and decrease the vehicle range.

What brand of tire does Tesla use?

Tesla uses Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and Hankook tires on their cars. However, about 50% of Tesla cars feature Michelin tires to enhance users’ driving experience using Michelin’s unique technology. The Michelin T0, T1, and T2 tires feature Acoustic technology built to reduce road noise by at least 20%.

Can a regular tire shop replace Tesla tires?

Yes, if you plan on getting new tires for your Tesla, you can get the tire in a regular shop. You can replace Tesla tires at regular tire shops, but some Tesla tires have a unique design and require special attention. So I recommend you visit a nearby Tesla service center and book an appointment for a tire change. You can also contact Tesla roadside assistance.

When shopping for Tesla tires, ensure you get the right Tesla tire size for your specific model. Tesla uses different tire sizes for their models. For instance, the Tesla Tires Model 3 uses P235/45R18 for both front and rear wheels, while the Tesla Tires Model Y uses P255/45R19 for both front and rear wheels.

What happens if you get a flat tire in a Tesla?

Tesla cars do not feature run-flat tires, and neither do they have spare tires. If you have a punctured or damaged tire, contact their roadside assistance. They are available 24/7, every single day. They should either tow your vehicle or fix a loaner wheel. The Tesla roadside assistance is on the bottom home screen on the Tesla App.

Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

Tesla is quite heavier than most cars of the same dimension because of their battery packs. The battery packs are far heavier than the traditional internal combustion engine, adding hundreds of pounds to the car. You probably guessed the additional weight stresses the tires, causing them to wear out more quickly.

Are all Tesla tires filled with foam?

Tesla cars use regular premium tires designed for EVs. However, Tesla has foam-filled tires produced by Continental Tire Company. Even the acoustic technology used by Michelin and other EV tire manufacturers has dampening foam inside the tire. Now you know if you were asking what are Tesla tires filled with.

Why do you have to replace all 4 tires on a Tesla?

Tesla recommends you replace their tires every six years or sooner, even if they have not reached the minimum tread depth. Also, they recommend you replace all four tires at the same time when they become worn or damaged. Always replace your tires with Tesla-recommended tires when doing a replacement. However, if you have a tire blowout or nail in the tire, it’ll be best to replace only that tire.

Do all 4 tires need to be the same model?

For a better driving experience and optimal safety, it is important to fix the same tires on all four wheels. Therefore, you should always have the same tire load index, tread pattern, speed rating, and tire brands on all four wheels.

Final Words

At this point, you’ll no longer ask, are Tesla tires different? Tesla tires are quite different and have specified requirements and OEM tags for easier recognition. Specified Tesla tires are tagged T2, T1, or T0. The tires must have a higher weight rating, have deeper tread depth, and be quieter.

Tesla tires are built with technology and feature that enables them to achieve better aerodynamics and lower rolling resistance. Plus, they are formulated with premium acoustic dampening foam that reduces tire noises.

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