What Are the Best Brake Pad Brands in 2024?

One crucial car part that most people ignore is the brake pad, even though it is responsible for supplying the force that creates a stopping power. Thus, you should pay great attention to your vehicle’s brake pads and replace them when the need arises.

However, picking the best brake pads for your car might be challenging, with the various options available in the market. So, this review on the best brake pad brands can help you out with shopping for compatible brake pads for replacing the worn-out part.

Top 10 Brake Pads Brands

best brake pads brands in usa

The brake pad is one essential component of the brake system. How long these brake pads last would depend on their use, even though they typically work for about 30,000 miles.

Nevertheless, constant friction on brake pads makes them wear out faster, and as such, you would need a replacement. Kindly note that damaged brake pads would decrease the supply of vehicle stopping power, which could cause serious accidents.

Hence, it would help to check brake pads to ensure they are still in good condition. If worn, it would help to get top-quality options, and the brands listed below holds some of the efficient brake pads in the market.

TRW Brake Pads

TRW Brake Pads

This brand is known for supplying innovative products that appear amongst the best brake pads and rotors. The brake pads from this brand enhance the braking systems of vehicles. TRW appears famous among the manufacturers of OE braking systems for car manufacturers for more than a century.

The good news is that these products meet the advanced standards for reliability, quality, and safety. This brand makes use of intense molding technology in producing consistent density and porosity for folks out there.

Thus, drivers can enjoy long journeys with reduced noise from the brake pads. Since TRW coats the brake pads using powder, you can rest assured that the backplate would not rust. The friction material for this product comes from well-researched raw materials, consisting of rubber and graphite.

There is reduced initial fading and bedding-in time thanks to the brand scorching techniques, which heats brake pads from 600°C to 700°C. Since this brand of brake pads supplies varying options for different car models, you can get a compatible product that would suit your car.

TRW brake pads are products of the renowned ZF Aftermarket, a top professional in driveline passive safety technology and chassis technology. This German independent aftermarket firm designs varying braking systems for TRW, including their brake pads.

By now, you should know that TRW provides car owners with great value for their money, much more since the brand assures customers that the brake pads last for up to 60,000 miles. The price range of these products is approximately around $21.98 to $44.59.

Bosch Brake Pads

Bosch Brake Pads

Bosch is a well-known name for aftermarket products like oil filters, engine air filters, and brake system components. This multinational engineering and electronics firm has a reputation for supplying top-quality products and happens to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer of various automakers worldwide.

The Bosch brake pads are excellent options that you can find in the market, as they come constructed with quality materials. These durable products appear optimal for high mileage, heavy braking, and truck driving. 

Interestingly, these brake pads come in varying configurations that fit different car models. Thus, you can find a perfect fit that suits your automobile brand, irrespective of the car’s model. With these products installed, you can enjoy a smooth operation and reduced wear on the vehicle’s rotors.

Since Bosch brake pads have an excellent design that reduces the release of brake dust when engaged, you can drive better. The good news is, there are different brake pads from this brand that can work optimally across different driving conditions.

One product from this brand that has one of the best ratings from various Bosch brake pad reviews is the Bosch QuietCast. Furthermore, Bosch brake pads are affordable and offer great value for your money. The price range of Bosch brake pads starts from $22.71 to $70.00

Wagner Brake Pads

Wagner Brake Pads

The premium aftermarket products from Wagner are excellent options that come constructed with top-quality materials. This brand has been consistent in supplying effective brake pads to car owners.

Interestingly, these products often ensure that there is reduced noise when the brakes get engaged. With the durability of Wagner brake pads, you can rest assured that they would last long and duly serve their purpose. 

The prices of brake pads vary, but when getting a good product within your budget, you should consider getting a suitable option from Wagner. This brand has various affordable options, as their products fall within the estimated price of $25.38 to $54.99.

From various Wagner brake pad reviews, you can tell that Wagner supplies nothing but the best, and their brake pads support even friction performance throughout their lifespan. 

Please note that this brand manufactures ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads in the United States. However, these brake pads are readily available across different parts of the world.

ACDelco Brake Pads

ACDelco Brake Pads

The professional line of brake pads from ACDelco appears to be one of the best brake pads for daily drivers. These products are fully tested and trusted to brake and do not allow high noise when engaged effectively.

In a bid to reduce noise, braking harshness, and vibration, this brand outfitted the brake pads with chamfers, slots, and shims. You can further find ACDelco brake pads having stamped backing plates that allow the pad’s smooth movement within its caliper assembly.

The durability of these brake pads is pretty great, and the brand has lots of options for different car brands. Being the OE of General Motors, ACDelco already manufactures about 90,000 parts for this car brand.

Thus, you can trust ACDelco to be a reliable option that would offer only the best brake pads. The price range of ACDelco brake pads varies, depending on the one that matches your car’s needs. Nevertheless, you can find these brake pads within the estimated price of $19.91 to $135.64.

Akebono Brake Pads

Akebono Brake Pads

Akebono brake pads are among the many options in the market that work well for various vehicles. The high-quality offering from this brand seems better than most conventional options out there. Interestingly, this brand supplies one of the best brake pads brands in the USA.

Since these brake pads come designed with car-optimized friction formulations, the brand focuses on eliminating vibrations, harshness, and noise while limiting the brake dust that emits from the system when the brakes get engaged.

Hence, Akebono brake pads appear suitable replacement options and can also serve as upgrades from other conventional pads. Most folks may see the products from this brand emerging a bit pricier than other options available in the market. 

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that they offer great value for your money, and their Akebono brake pads last longer. The price of these pads often ranges from $43.25 to $134.40. You can get one from an auto part store based on your car specs.

Brembo Brake Pads

Brembo Brake Pads

Only a few brake pads in the market reach the quality set by Brembo, as this brand is among the leading professionals in the supply of brake pads. This famous Italian manufacturer manufactures top-performance automotive brake systems and supplies them to consumers.

 The design of these pads supports optimal braking power and can work efficiently across different driving conditions. The majority of the pads from Brembo appear to be ceramic brake pads. Kindly note that these products come constructed following the OE direct molding press. 

Thus, these pads fit properly, and there are excellent options for different vehicle brands. In a bid to reduce the occurrence of fading and running-in, Brembo tends to subject their brake pads to scorching. 

This brand often has many products bearing the elastomer steel elastomer (ESE) signature red shim. The red shim is a unique feature that makes the pads stand out, as they tend to work with reduced vibrations and noise. The estimated price range of Brembo automotive brake pads ranges from $49.95 to $246.33.

Power Stop Brake Pads

Power Stop Brake Pads

Power Stop is a renowned brand that provides car owners with various aftermarket brake products, including pads, hardware, and rotors. This brand now has kits that appear compatible with about 98% of the cars on the road.

Are you looking for a high-performance brake pad that would work effectively for your vehicle? Then, it would help if you considered getting a suitable option from Power Stop, as this brand comes with an efficient formula that delivers superior braking power.

The excellent carbon fiber infused with ceramic serves as an outstanding material for building these pads, as they appear pretty durable and have a long lifespan. Kindly note that Power Stop brake pads have a great ability to resist fade-up resulting from excessive temperatures.

Brake lubricants accompany each brake pad unit, and some applications from this product line have bin bushings and stainless steel hardware kits. Using these pads, you can expect minimal brake dust, unlike the high emissions noticed in some conventional options out there.

Although the price of these pads varies, you can find suitable options between the ranges of $17.64 to $67.70.

Centric Parts

centric brake pads review

Centric supplies one of the most efficient brake pads that features backing plates precisely cut or shaved. These products come manufactured with extreme pressure, which aids in the compression of the friction material.

All the pads from this brand appear to be subjected to scorching technology, which forces impurities out of their line of friction materials and reduces the break-in process. Again, Centric Parts ensures that these pads have formulations free from asbestos.

This brand’s trademarked Posi Quiet brake pads emerge from the same molding processes employed by top OE suppliers. Thus, you can rest assured that such a component in your car would work effectively for a long time.

Across a wide range of temperatures, you can find Centric brake pads offering stable friction and better braking performance without much noise. With consistent friction from the pads, there would be no issue of uneven wear.

The Posi Quiet brake pads from Centric are of excellent quality; they further comply with the friction material legislation. The price range of these pads varies; the estimated cost falls around $18.73 to $62.24.

NRS Brake Pads

NRS Brake Pads

NRS is a famous name supplying patented brake technology to renowned OEMs, and this brand now has various options available to customers. Since the brand holds various applications for different car brands, you can easily find a replacement for your vehicle’s worn-out brake pads.

What makes these products recommendable is that they appear to be one of the long-lasting brakes you can find. Hence, they are among the best brake pads in the UK. The construction of these pads consists of zinc-plated steel and other premium friction materials.

This brand employs the patented SHARK-METAL technology, ensuring the friction material does not delaminate from its backing plate. In essence, you can access safer and more secured stops while driving. 

Kindly note that these NUCAP Industries products use galvanization to prevent rust on the steel backing plate, ensuring it lasts longer. These pads are available across various auto stores at a price range of $79.99 – $199.99. 

KFE Premium Brake Pads

KFE Premium Brake Pads

KFE remains one of the popular names in the industry when it comes to braking systems, as they emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket parts of brake systems. Using one of the best techniques in the industry, you can expect the pads from this brand to appear innovative and effective.

The brake pads from KFE often come with excellent features that ensure drivers face no hassles. Most products from this brand have a no-hassle limited warranty, and you can expect solid performance from KFE brake pads.

The advanced ceramic brake pads come designed to be eco-friendly, as they come constructed with asbestos-free materials. Kindly note that each pad comes treated with an effective thermos scorched process and sustains higher friction levels. 

These pads can further withstand various driving conditions and tough terrains. Thus, this formula provides drivers with the ability to brake faster and harder thanks to the coefficient of friction.

With shims (dual-sided rubber), the brake pads remain undamaged, and there are no excessive vibrations when engaged. Folks with a tight budget can also go for pads from this brand, as they come within the price range of $20.35 to $35.34.

best brake pads for daily driver

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: What are the best brake pads for everyday driving?

Ceramic brake pads are excellent options that work well for everyday driving. You would like that these pads appear pretty quiet when engaged and emit very little brake dust compared to other options.

Since ceramic brake pads are very reliable compared to some organic options, you can find them giving off intense stopping power while driving. Again, they function optimally across various ranges of temperatures.

Q: Are ceramic or metallic brake pads better?

Most folks prefer using ceramic brake pads because they appear pretty easy to use and ensure a quiet operation compared to metallic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads comes made from dense and durable ceramic, with fine copper fibers embedded in them. 

Thus, they help improve heat conductivity and friction, and they have been around since the mid-1980s. Nevertheless, people who engage in performance driving would often prefer metallic brake pads since they can withstand higher temperatures.

Q: Are premium brake pads worth it?

Premium brake pads are famous for their effectiveness and would often outperform other conventional options out there. Thus, it is worth it, investing in such car parts even though they may come a bit expensive.

Such premium brake pads would often support increasing stopping power, and the top-quality materials for their construction reduce brake fade. In essence, there would be consistent braking performance even across varying temperature ranges.

Q: Do ceramic brake pads wear rotors faster?

It is common for ceramic brake pads to last longer than organic brake pads, as they come from top-quality and durable materials. Again, when it comes to their effects on rotors, ceramic brake pads appear less abrasive and would often ensure that the rotor does not wear out quickly.

This lesser wearing effect results from the nature of the material of these brake pads, as they appear less strong than semi-metallic or metallic brake pads. 

Furthermore, the quiet operation of ceramic brake pads indicates a quick recovery resulting in fewer damages on the rotors.

Q: How long do ceramic brake pads last?

On a general note, brake pads are expected to last for 30,000 miles to 70,000 miles, depending on the pad’s quality. In essence, the lifespan of brake pads varies, depending on the type your car uses. 

Remember, there are organic, ceramic, and even metallic brake pads. It is common for the semi-metallic options to last for drives across 50,000 miles and the ceramic pads to have an extended lifespan reaching 70,000 miles.

Q: Does the kind of brake pad matter?

Replacing vehicles’ brake pads may not be one of the most expensive car repairs, but it is crucial to get top-quality options that would work efficiently. Since this car part comes in varieties, you should look out for famous brands that sell quality brake pads. 

Then, further, get a compatible one that would fit appropriately and handle the needs of your car. It may be of great help to speak to a car expert to help you out.

Q: Do ceramic brake pads squeak?

Squeaky or grinding noises from the brake system are a sign of trouble, often indicating the brake pads are worn. But, some types of brake pads give some level of noise during operation. When it comes to ceramic brake pads, they offer a smooth operation.

Thus, if your car uses ceramic brake pads, you would hear very little or no sound when you engage them, and as such, there is reduced wear on the pads and surrounding components.

Q: Are Wagner brake pads good quality?

Wagner is a renowned brand that offers some of the best brake pads in the market. The products of this brand should come to mind if you are searching for brake pads with long-term reliability and great stopping power.

The friction materials for the construction of these brake pads appear to be of excellent quality. Hence, they often provide consistent braking across a wide range of temperatures.

Q: What kind of brake pads last longest?

Some people believe that metallic brake pads would last longer, but that is not the case, as ceramic brake pads appear to last long. You would often find these ceramic brake pads having copper fibers and offering great comfort for drivers.

With the less noise you hear and the less messy dust when the brake pads are engaged, you should know that they don’t wear faster than organic options. You can even get a firmer grip on the brake pedal, thanks to ceramic brake pads.

Final Words

The brake systems are essential parts of the car, and the brake pads are necessary for letting the car stop when you engage the brake pedal. With constant use, you should expect the initial brake pads of your vehicle to wear out; hence, the need for a suitable replacement.

Whether you are replacing the OE brake pad of your car or seeking one for the used car you purchased, you can find effective options in the market. A glimpse through the best brake pad brands in this piece can further help you make a more effective decision.


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