Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries? 2024 Reviews

One reason your car has refused to start may be due to a dead car battery, and this can occur because of a plethora of reasons. If after you try to jump-start the vehicle, it still wouldn’t start, you may need to replace the battery. Duracell batteries are good and effective; thus, most consumers want to know who makes Duracell car batteries.

Car owners need reliable batteries that would keep their vehicles going without any hassles. Remember, the battery powers all electrical components of the car and help start the car. Thus, you would need a durable battery with extended performance.

Out of the many car batteries available in the market, Duracell car batteries are famous for their maximum power. Such car batteries can work effectively, even in extreme conditions, and you can find various options from this product line that would suit your car.

Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries
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Duracell Car Batteries Reviews

Duracell appears to be a brand that offers top-quality performance for an extended period. If you need a suitable car battery that would work optimally even in demanding conditions, you should consider getting a compatible Duracell car battery for your vehicle.

Are Duracell car batteries good?

The excellent design of the batteries from this product line comes with maximum cranking power that works in a wide range of scenarios. Hence, their extended battery life and high capacity make them a good option.

Car owners can rest assured that this battery would duly serve its purpose, as the manufacturers offer a warranty that reaches five years. Furthermore, the wide range of products from this battery line offers folks various options to choose from amongst the varying battery models.

Types of Duracell Car Batteries

You can find a wide selection of Duracell car batteries, as this brand offers various models that fit different vehicle types. There are car batteries suitable for high and low-performance cars, ranging from small cars, SUVs, and large trucks.

The good news is that these battery options for cars come at an affordable cost while offering optimal services. So, you can rely on this Duracell automotive batteries review to get a glimpse of some available models you can get from this brand.

Duracell Extreme AGM Battery

The Duracell AGM car battery offers a tremendous start-stop function, unlike some conventional options out there. Also, it supplies excellent energy for powering the car’s electrical components even when the engine stops and the vehicle remains stationary.

Its recombination technology ensures that car owners stay free from constant maintenance. You can rest assured that there would be spills or leakages resulting from electrolyte bonding thanks to its excellent non-woven mat. Its absorbent glass mat design works well for luxury and medium-performance cars, offering three times the cycle resistance you may get from standard batteries.

Thus, you should expect this battery to last longer while effectively handling extreme vibrations with its grid design. In a bid to enhance the battery’s performance, the grid design also improves its conductivity. For extra versatility, the battery offers lateral positioning reaching 90° without compromising performance.

Furthermore, the minimal gassing from this battery works well for areas with lesser ventilation. The models from the Duracell Extreme AGM battery range from 60Ah to 105Ah. With all these features, you can find this option to be worth its cost.


  • Excellent grid design for improved longevity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Minimum gassing in areas with less ventilation
  • The protective cover prevents spills


  • It appears pretty pricey

Duracell Starter Battery for Cars

One likable feature of the Duracell Starter Battery is its reliable performance. Interestingly, this car battery offers such top-quality performance while it comes at an affordable cost. Even though the battery provides a short boost, it appears pretty great, as the charging system works on supplying more energy taken out by the battery.

You would like the fact that the battery has innovative calcium technology, and as such, it requires no maintenance. Thus, car owners can rest assured that they wouldn’t get bothered with unnecessary battery upkeeps.

In a bid to prevent leaks, the battery comes equipped with four-chamber protection. Kindly note that this protective cover also keeps out severe vibrations. This battery line from the Duracell brand offers folks twelve battery options, ranging from 44 Ah models to 95 Ah models. Hence, you can choose a suitable battery based on the needs of your vehicle.


  • Its protective cover prevents spills
  • There are no extreme vibrations
  • Maintenance-free
  • It is pretty affordable


  • It may appear less powerful when compared to higher-end options

Duracell Extreme Car EFB Battery

The Duracell car battery review from most car owners suggests this EFB battery be long-lasting, offering a good cycle resistance. You can find the battery’s resistance double what some standard batteries provide.

Thus, this car battery is suitable for vehicles with environmentally friendly and innovative stop-feature. You can find an impressive option from this brand, much more with the availability of eight models; 38 Ah to 80Ah.

With its carbon additives, folks can enjoy fewer charging times, as the loaded carbon increases the battery’s power and eliminates the need for frequent charging. Furthermore, this automotive battery’s durability is outstanding and its non-woven lid prevents leakages.

If you seek a suitable battery replacement for small-medium cars, you should consider the Duracell Extreme EFB automotive battery. Nevertheless, this battery may not be the best option for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles due to its insufficient power for such applications.


  • Less charging time due to its carbon additives
  • Excellent cycle resistance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Prevents spills


  • Its power may seem insufficient for heavy-duty vehicles

Duracell Advanced Car Battery

This advanced battery from Duracell comes in twenty-four varying models, ranging from 40Ah to 110Ah. You can find this battery option meeting the top demands of modern vehicles you t.

Its exceptional vibration resistance seems like the best compared to other Duracell battery options. The lesser vibration impacts result from the outstanding bonding with the plates at the base, thus, improving its performance and durability.

Folks can rest assured that the battery would perform efficiently and remain safe even in extreme conditions. The battery’s construction also prevents acid leakages, keeping car owners less bothered.

Again, it is common for many car batteries to have a hard time starting in freezing conditions. Nevertheless, this battery option has excellent cold cranking abilities and would readily turn the vehicle on in low temperatures; hence, its high Duracell battery ratings.


  • Excellent cranking capabilities
  • Twenty-four varying models
  • Top protection against vibrations
  • Prevents acid spills


  • Its acid solution can cause burns when in contact with the skin

Duracell Car Battery Price Range

Car owners can find affordable options from Duracell automotive battery brands. Nevertheless, the Duracell car battery price ranges from $53 to $120 depending on the product type and the auto part store that sells them.

Ass Duracell batteries perform optimally; this price seems fair, supplying sufficient power needed by the vehicle’s electrical components.

Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries?

Duracell automotive batteries are products of Philip Rogers Mallory and the equipment scientist Samuel Ruben. From this extraordinary partnership emerged Duracell International, a firm focused on producing alkaline manganese batteries and mercury cells.

 Since the history of this company, they have been producing different products, including automotive batteries. Nevertheless, the brand is now a product of East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc, a firm famous for producing lead-acid batteries for the past 60 years.

This change occurred in 2009 after the signed agreement of both firms. Since its inception in 1946, East Penn battery labels offer top-class products manufactured in their state-of-the-art facilities.

The firm started as a father and son business, owned by DeLight Jr., an Air Force veteran, and his father, DeLight Sr. in Bowers, PA. After seven decades, the company now has five automotive batteries and emerged as one of the world’s top leading manufacturers with over 515 product designs.

Apart from Duracell, other East Penn car battery brands include Deka batteries, Intimidator AGM batteries, and AUX AGM batteries. The company supplies consumers worldwide, as they have distribution and marketing locations in the US, Canada (17 different locations), and other parts of the world.

Duracell Car Batteries Problems

With the outstanding performance of Duracell car batteries, there are few challenges you might face using automotive batteries from this brand. Some potential issues to look out for include:

Charging Issues

It is pretty important to allow the car battery to have a good charge; hence, it should not appear undercharged or overcharged. It is common for the vehicle to have less performance if the battery has reduced charging output.

Such issues could be due to a bad alternator, as this car part is responsible for supplying over 80% charge of the battery’s original capacity. Again, you should ensure that the charging voltage gets adjusted based on the external voltage and avoid overcharging.

Deep Battery Discharge

The battery’s functional life gets shortened with excessive battery discharge. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to compromise your car battery’s performance. So, kindly ensure that you don’t completely drain the battery and stick to the recommended capacity provided by the manufacturer.

Strong Cyclization

Strong cyclization resulting from deep discharges and multiple charging cycles can be a problem for your battery. Thus, you should look out for the capacities and specs of your battery to ensure that this problem does not arise.

Duracell Car Batteries Maintenance Tips for Long Lasting

By now, you should know that most Duracell car batteries appear maintenance-free thanks to their outstanding leak-proof design. Nevertheless, proper use and care would extend the battery’s life, and here are some helpful tips:

  • Kindly install the car battery following the instructions in your product manual, as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • It is common for battery electrolytes to deplete under extreme conditions; hence, the need to monitor the charge using a voltmeter.
  • Dirt and debris can always degrade even the most durable batteries, and as such, it is essential to keep your Duracell battery in good condition.
  • In a bid to improve your vehicle’s performance, kindly replace the car battery following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Extended storage of batteries in the wrong conditions would be disastrous. Thus, it would be ideal for storing your Duracell battery in a cool, dry, dark place that appears free from frost.
  • If there is a need to remove the car battery, kindly turn off the engine before doing so.

Duracell Car Batteries Sizes

Automotive batteries come in varying sizes and capacities. Generally, you can mind car batteries in group sizes that appear to be the standard that indicates the exact height, width, length, and even the battery’s polarity. With such sizing guides, various car manufacturers can create a design for the vehicles that would accommodate specific batteries.

Some common size categories include:

The Top Post Batteries (Standard)

You can find various American cars having this size category as their standard. Under this group, batter sizes, 24/24F appear compatible with Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Acura, Toyota, and Infiniti cars, and size 35 fits the recent vehicle models from Subaru, Nissan, and Toyota.

Other sizes include 25, 34, 65, 58R, 58, 59, 51R, and 51. A common Duracell battery that is within this size group is the 12 volts Duracell Auto/LTV 24F car battery.

Side-Post Batteries

This group of battery sizes accommodates typical sizes like 75, 78, 74, and 70 that match compact and mid-size vehicles (and some Chrysler models). Some common battery models from Duracell that appear within this group include the SLI78 Duracell Ultra BCI Truck and Car Battery, DA74 Duracell Advanced Battery, and Duracell AGM Extreme DE70 car battery.

Top Post Batteries (Recessed)

The popular group sizes within this category include 49, 48, 47, 41, and 42. These battery sizes seem compatible with most Buick models, Fiat, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Jeep, GMC, Volvo, and Volkswagen. Some Duracell options include the Duracell BCI Ultra Platinum Group 48 Car Battery, DA42 Advanced Duracell Car Battery, and the Duracell Ultra Gold BCI 49 Battery.

Thus, it is crucial to look out for the size of the new battery replacement. You may also want to note the size, reserve charge, and cold-cranking amps of the previous battery in your car. So, a quick look at the varying battery types and models from Duracell, as they should provide you with suitable group sizes that would be a perfect match for your car. Kindly check the Duracell battery size specification sheet on their website to make a more accurate choice.  Find The Duracell Batteries Sizes for Your Vehicle.

who sells duracell car batteries
Image Credit: Duracell-automotive.com

How Duracell Car Batteries Compare with Others

Duracell offers good battery models that are among the top options for most consumers. Nevertheless, the market holds some other competing brands that also have good car batteries. Thus, it may appear a challenge, to make the right choice amongst the plethora of options you find.

So, it would be a great idea to look out for some outstanding features while comparing Duracell with some top brands.

Duracell vs. Interstate Automotive Battery

Both batteries are excellent options that you can find in the market, as they come designed with their unique characteristics. Nevertheless, most folks prefer Duracell batteries since they appear far ahead in the competition when looking at their worth and top-quality services.

There are a few complaints about Interstate batteries, much more with the poor handling in terms of customer complaints. Thus, it may help if you go for Duracell batteries since they appear as the better option when comparing Duracell car batteries vs interstate.

Duracell vs EverStart Car Battery

One excellent battery option that works well for providing incredible power and seems highly reliable is EverStart batteries. You can find them having a three-color top, revealing their versatility in meeting the demands of mobile devices and automobiles.

Nevertheless, Duracell also offers an equal level of reliability but appears more expensive than EverStart batteries. In essence, you can enjoy great value at an affordable price with EverStart battery options.

Duracell vs Bosch Car Battery

Bosch appears to be one of the choicest automotive batteries available in the market. The brand is famous for the large number of battery models it offers, with their high starting current. Thus, Bosch batteries can effectively “start” the car quickly, with much ease.

When compared to Duracell car batteries, both may seem pretty identical and appear to have similar ratings from folks who have used them. The two brands have a positive business reputation and their batteries boast of excellent starting power.

Duracell vs. Duralast Car Batteries

Based on some speculations, Johnson Controls, East Penn, and Exide are the ones who make Duralast car batteries. These Duralast batteries come in excellent designs and have a sturdy construction, ensuring they serve their purpose effectively.

However, some car owners speculate that Duracell batteries may have some advanced features that make them stand out.

Duracell vs Napa Car Batteries

Napa batteries are known for their excellent performance, even in extreme conditions. The good news is that this brand provides excellent options that match a wide range of vehicles. While it appears like a decent battery, most folks also find these batteries affordable.

Nevertheless, some people still prefer the outstanding models from Duracell, and your choice would depend on your vehicle’s needs.

Name Warranty/guarantee Avg life Made in
Duracell Batteries 24-60 months warranty 4-5 years United State
Interstate 24-75 months warranty 4-6 years Mexico
EverStart 12-36 months warranty 2-5 years United States, South Korea, Canada
Bosch Batteries 24-36 months warranty 8-9 years United States
Duralast 24-48 months warranty 3-5 years Ireland
Napa Batteries 18-36 Months Warranty 3-5 years United States

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Are Duracell automotive batteries any good?

The Duracell brand has various decent automotive battery models that provide excellent capacity performance and excellent cold-cranking amps. All these incredible features come at an affordable cost, making them one outstanding option in the market.

Apart from the fair price of these Duracell batteries, most car owners appreciate their durability and top-ranking technology. Thus, you may find this brand providing batteries that outlive and perform better than many competing brands out there.

Q: Where are Duracell car batteries manufactured?

There is a massive battery 520-acre single-site manufacturing owned by east Penn, where the Duracell batteries and some other products are “produced.” This manufacturing unit is located in the United States (Berks County, Pennsylvania).

Nevertheless, East Penn is also famous for having another manufacturing facility located in Corydon, Iowa. These units work effectively in meeting the needs of consumers out there and accommodate the widespread growth of the firm.

Q: How long do Duracell car batteries last?

It is common for charged Duracell batteries to remain in good condition (at 20°C) for the entire year without recharging them. These batteries offer more value for their worth, as they are pretty powerful and duly serve their purposes for an extended period.

The manufacturers also provide an excellent warranty covering these batteries, revealing their long lifespan compared to most competing brands. Duracell batteries require little or no maintenance.

Q: Can I Swap Duracell Batteries?

It is recommendable only to use batteries that meet up with the need of your car’s performance. Duracell batteries come in varying models that work well for different types of vehicles; small, medium, and large/luxury cars.

Thus, it would be a bad idea to get your Duracell battery swapped with a model that offers lesser or higher power compared to the needs of your car. So, you can’t equip your vehicle with a Duracell EFB battery if it is compatible with the Duracell AGM battery.

Q: What Is the Warranty of Duracell Car Batteries?

You can find Duracell batteries having a limited warranty against defects in craft and materials. In essence, the warranty period of most Duracell batteries appears between two to five years, based on the type of product as found in the manual.

This Duracell battery warranty seems pretty fair compared to those offered by some brands. However, you should note that there would be no replacements or compensations if the battery damage results from poor maintenance, accident, negligence, or misuse.

Q: How do I claim my Duracell car battery warranty?

The two to five year warranty covering Duracell products starts counting from the day of purchase, and you can lay claim to this warranty within the stipulated period in your product manual. You can find the manufacturer or distributor available for repairs or replacements.

In essence, if you find any defects in the material used for the battery or other faults from the manufacturer, you should go with your receipts as evidence to get the product repaired or replaced.

Q: Where is the date code on a Duracell car battery?

Typically, you should easily find the date code of Duracell batteries around their covers. It comes in specific characters and sequences. The six-character code represents the year, day, and month of production and can tell you the age of the battery. 

From the sequence, you can find the first digit being the last digit of the year, followed by three digits representing the day of that year. Kindly note that this detail is crucial as batteries can burn out by themselves if left to sit for extended periods.

Final Words

East Penn Manufacturing Co, Inc. appears to be the current owner and manufacturer of Duracell batteries. Out of the various automotive batteries available in the market, Duracell seems to be one of the best. Their top-quality leak-free design and outstanding cold-cranking capabilities make these batteries stand out.

The car battery Duracell provides appears to be highly effective even in extreme conditions and can last for a long time. Kindly read through this piece if you are keen on learning more about who makes Duracell car batteries and the available products from this brand.


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