H11 Vs. H11B Bulb: A Comprehensive Headlight Bulb Comparison

When upgrading your low-beam light bulbs, you may encounter the H11 vs H11B puzzle, prompting you to pick the right one. It is easy to get confused by the two bulbs, considering their almost similar naming.

However, the two vary widely, primarily in their design, with the H11B having exposed prongs, whereas the H11 has its prongs housed in the connector assembly. The two contrast in many other aspects that we will discuss for a better understanding.

h11 vs h11b bulb


What’s the Difference between H11 and H11B Bulbs?

As hinted earlier, the main difference between these car light bulbs lies in their structures. The table below highlights more variations.

Feature H11 Bulb H11B Bulb
Plug Enclosed prongs Exposed prongs
Base PGJ19-2 PGJY19-2
Wattage 55 55
Average lifespan 270 hours for halogen lamps and over 30,000 hours for LED bulbs 930 hours for halogen lamps, 50,000 hours for LED bulbs
Uses Low beam and fog lights Low beam lights
Installation Plug-in Screw-in
Headlight socket compatibility Compatible with other headlight sockets, such as H8, H9 and H16 Not compatible with other socket, though it a design similar to H8B and H9B
Vehicle models Almost all automotive manufacturers A few vehicle models, like Hyundai and Kia,

What Does H11B Stand For?

According to auto pundits, the H11B is a version of the H11 bulb, with the ‘B’ denoting the base, a critical contrasting point between the two bulbs. The H11B can be a halogen, LED, or HID bulb, with many opting for the last two due to their brightness and longevity.

The H11B is a single filament low-beam light bulb with exposed prongs, similar to the plugs of standard electronics. It has a PGJY19-2 base, which determines its installation; you must screw the bulb into its socket.

Among this bulb’s appealing elements is its lengthy lifespan, averaging 930 hours. The H11B bulb’s design is similar to H8B and H9B sockets, as they both have protruding prongs. Nevertheless, using the lamps interchangeably is not advisable due to varying specs and applications. Only a few vehicle models, such as Hyundai and Kia, use this bulb.

You must choose between H11A vs. H11B when upgrading your bulb to HIDs. The two HID bulbs have a return wire, which is positioned differently. Both lamps have three tabs, with one being wider. On the H11A, the return wire’s position is next to the widest tab, while the H11B has the return wire opposite the widest tab.

What Does H11 Stand For?

The H11 bulb is quite common, with many manufacturers using it on their vehicles. This bulb has one filament, and like the H11B, it can be halogen, HID, or LED. While primarily used for low-beam lights, the H11 works fine as a fog light bulb.

It has a unique L-shape, with its PGJ19-2 base protruding outwards to enclose the prongs. The base allows you to easily plug the bulb into its socket during installation.

H11 is compatible with H8, H9 and H16 sockets. Are 9005 and H11 the same bulb? 9005 and H11 are both headlight lamps with the same L-shaped base.

Despite these similarities, they are different, as 9005 is a high beam light, while the H11 is a low beam. Additionally, the 9005 cannot fit into the H11’s socket and vice versa unless with modifications, like using adapters and extensions.

What is the difference between H11 vs. H11A? Most people think H11 and H11A are the same, which is close to the truth. The H11A is the HID version of the H11, and it has a return wire, which is responsible for the HID ground shadow.

H11 Vs. H11B Vehicle Uses

H11 vs. H11B differences are evident in numerous instances, such as their respective applications. Both are low-beam lamps, handy for normal driving conditions, where you don’t need much light to illuminate the road ahead. The default low beam light setting ensures proper visibility for you and other road users without the excess glare that can cause traffic mishaps.

The H11 is more versatile than the H11B, as you can use it on fog lights. The adaptability is also noticeable where the H11 bulb is compatible with sockets of the H8, H9, and H16, and you can use them interchangeably. The H11B shares a design with the H8B and H9B bulbs, with some sellers claiming their bulbs are compatible with all the sockets. However, you shouldn’t use them interchangeably due to varying specs and applications.

Still, on H11 vs. H11B vehicle uses, almost all vehicle manufacturers opt for the H11 for their models. On the other hand, only a handful of models rely on the H11B, like Kia and Hyundai.

H11 Vs. H11B Toyota

What lamp does my Toyota use between the H11 and H11B? Like most other car manufacturers, Toyota uses the H11 for their models. On the rare occasion you find your Toyota using an H11B, it is probably due to a conversion. Nonetheless, some people convert from H11 to H11B to enjoy perks like bulb longevity. The modification requires adapters for a perfect fit.

You can use H11B HID bulbs for an improved lifespan and brightness. Ensure you go for the best HID ballast for the best service.

H11 Vs. H11B Specs

The H11 and H11B share several specifications, such as being single filament lamps for low-beam headlights. At 12V, the bulbs have a wattage of 55, whereas at 24V, their wattage is 70.

Specs of a H11 halogen bulb are:

  • Configuration: T4
  • Diameter: 0.46 inches
  • Length: 2.64 inches
  • Light center length: 0.98 inches
  • Filament configuration: C-8
  • Color temperature: 3200 K
  • Lumens: 1350
  • Lifespan: 270 hours
  • Base: PGJ19-2

Below are the specifications of the H11B halogen lamp.

  • Configuration: T4
  • Diameter: 0.46 inches
  • Length: 2.64 inches
  • Light center length: 0.98 inches
  • Filament configuration: C-8
  • Color temperature: 3200 K
  • Lumens: 1350
  • Lifespan: 930 hours
  • Base: PGJY19-2

As you can see, most of the features are similar, save for the base and lifespan. The elements vary depending on the bulb type. For instance, you will have more life and brightness if you use HID or LED bulbs.

H11 Vs. H11B Installation Process

The different prong configuration and bases of the H11 and H11B bulbs dictate their installation process. The H11’s prongs are vertically configured and housed in the connector’s assembly. You install this bulb by plugging it into the socket.

On the other hand, the H11B has horizontally designed prongs that protrude outside the base. You have to screw this bulb into its socket during installation.

When using conversion kits, you plug in the bulb you have into the provided adapter or extension.

H11 Vs. H11B Lifespan

Longevity is a significant selling appeal of the H11B.  The longevity of the two headlight lamps depends on their type. Halogen lamps have a shorter lifespan, with the H11 having a service life of approximately 270 hours, while its counterpart can serve you for up to 930 hours. HIDs offer a few thousand service hours.

H11 and H11B LED lights are bright and durable. The best H11B LED bulbs can clock up to 50,000 hours. H11 LEDs are also long-lasting, with an average lifespan of 30,000 hours.

H11 Vs. H11B User Experience

Customer reception is an excellent way to judge how good a bulb is. While meeting with other users face-to-face to discuss their experiences may be impossible, you can check out their shared insights via online forums or social media platforms.

A discussion on the Toyota Nation forum comprehensively breaks down the differences between the two bulbs, as evident from this contribution by XenonDepot, a reputable member. The same topic goes on in the Silverado Sierra forum, where Diode Dynamics, a frequent contributor, briefly highlights the differences between H11A and H11B HID bulbs.  

Still, on the H11 vs H11B user experience subject, the K5 Optima Store answers a question regarding the best fit for a Kia Optima Ex on Forte Forums. This user further explains that both H11 and H11B HID will work on the Optima, though you may notice shadows due to the return wire on the bulb.

Check out as many forums as possible to get a clear picture of the bulbs’ functionality.

H11 Vs. H11B Price

The H11 vs. H11B price comparison brings several factors into play, such as bulb type, retailer, and brand. Regarding bulb variety, halogen lights are mostly cheaper than LEDs and HIDs. Some retailers and brands may be pricey than others due to product quality, brand prestige, and more.

The price comparison reveals H11B to be typically costlier than H11 lights. For example, a Sylvania Basic halogen H11 and H11B cost $10.75 and $18.75, respectively in Walmart. The same bulbs are more expensive in Advance Auto Parts, with H11 costing $18.99, while the H11B  goes for $25.99. The price hikes when you opt for LEDs and HIDs.

Can H11 Be Used in H11B?

A query bound to emerge when discussing H11 vs. H11B bulbs is whether you can use them interchangeably. The direct answer is negative, as their sockets have different configurations. The good news is that there is a way to overcome this challenge through adapters and conversion kits.

A H11B to H11 conversion is easier and requires an adapter or extension cable. You plug the wires or adapter prongs into the H11 B’s socket and join it to the H11 bulb. Tuck the excess cable into the headlight assembly for a proper fit, and you are good to go.

Using an H11B bulb on H11 socket is quite tricky, requiring a H11B to H11 adapter and some minor modifications on the wires and assembly for a proper fit.

Is H11 And H11B The Same?

Many people fall victim to the H11 vs. H11B bulb confusion due to their almost similar names. The two bulbs share features, like falling under the T4 class, exact dimensions, a single filament, and low beam functionality.

Despite the said likenesses, they highly differ, particularly in their structure. The H11 has a PGJ19-2 base, whereas the H11B has a PGJY19-2 base. These bulbs’ base and prong design make it difficult to use them reciprocally.

You may want them interchangeably for many reasons. You might be interested in the cheaper and easily accessible H11 or want the H11 B’s longevity. An adapter or conversion kit makes the bulb swap possible, though it may be demanding when you want to use H11B in an H11 socket. Such a scenario calls for experienced hands for the best outcome.

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