Who Makes Hart Tools? Complete Guide

The right tools are awesome for fixing various problems, and Hart tools are an amazing option that you can find in the market. This product line consists of a plethora of hand, cleaning, cutting, drilling, and auto mechanic tools. Thus, most persons want to know who makes Hart tools.

Whether you are an expert or a DIYer, your toolbox should consist of the right tools for sorting various needs at home and outdoors. You can find varying brands in the market with a wide range of tools, and one excellent option is Hart Tools.

This brand offers customers different lines of tools, including home improvement, automotive, and cleaning tools. This article would reveal the manufacturer of Hart tools, their products, and the pros and cons of using tools from this brand.

Who Makes Hart Tools?

When you think of the oldest brands for the production of tools, Hart Tools comes to mind, as they have been providing people with specialized tools since 1983. Launched in Los Angeles, California, by Hart Tool Co., Inc., this brand offered product lines with tools solely for framing hammers.

Nevertheless, this brand became a part of Techtronic Industries (TTI) Limited in 2007. This firm is famous for producing and marketing power tools, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, and appliances for floor care.

The CEO of TTI is Joe Gallo, and he appears famous for intrinsically rebranding the launch of DeWalt from being a radial arm saw manufacturer into a power-tool powerhouse in 1992. Products from TTI are among the common options for industrial users, consumers, and professionals.

It would interest you to know that the firm became the first to manufacture heavy-duty cordless power tools with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Kindly note that the Hart hand tools are among the top designed options in the United States. However, these tools are not ‘made’ within the United States. TTI is a large company that encompasses various brands, and some brand portfolios include AEG, Milwaukee tools, Hoover US, and Ryobi.

The firm has its sprawling complex for manufacturing products in China. Thus, there is a great chance that Hart tools are made in China but distributed across various parts of the world. Thus you can find Hart tools in Canada, Vietnam, Mexico, Europe, and other locations.

Again, Hart tools reveal their exclusive deal with Walmart, and as such, you can find various tool lines consisting of Home Improvement and DIY tools at Walmart. The expanded product line from this brand contains all-purpose hammers, struck tools, wedges, chisels, mauls, screwdrivers, mattocks, and axes.

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Hart Tools Products

Hart tools provide all the needed hand tools that folks seek, and as such, you can find hammers and other helpful tools for sorting things. Various Hart hand tools reviews from consumers reveal top-performing tools with excellent durability. The latest lineup from this brand targets the home improvement market and DIY, and as such, some top offerings include:

  1. 20+ Outdoor Power Equipment Tools
  2. 70+ Power Tool Accessories
  3. 45+ Power Tools
  4. 180+ Storage and Hand Tools Options

Nevertheless, the following are some common tools from the brand that would help car owners.

The Hart 20V ½” Impact Cordless Wrench

This automotive tool comes constructed with the convenience of car owners in mind, as it appears cordless. As an electric impact wrench, it works well compared to the air impact wrench. Again, it possesses torque of up to 350 ft. lbs and works well for tougher applications.

Since this tool comes with LED light, it illuminates the poorly lit areas around the vehicle while your work.

The Hart 20V 10″ Buffer Kit

This buffer kit works well in making vehicles look great, as it delivers speed from 0-2,9000 RPM per hour. It appears pretty easy to control with the D-handle design that allows folks to grip ‘perfectly’ while working with it. With the elastic pads, you can easily change pads between applications and keep buffing with the lock-on switch.

The Hart Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner (20V)

Hart’s pressurized car cleaner is an essential tool for professionals and car owners to wash the vehicle. Interestingly, this tool can become very helpful for cleaning windows, patio furniture, and various cleaning within the house. It is constructed with a 3in1 nozzle, allowing silks to switch between the most suitable mode (turbo, 15°, and rinse).

 With its 20 inches siphon hose, you can supply water from a source to do the cleaning. Most persons like the portable size and cordless design, as it makes washing enjoyable.

The Hart 20V Spot LED Light

Some car areas appear poorly lit, and you would need a suitable flashlight to help you out. This portable LED  work light seems like the best option, with a 20V battery that lasts long (10 hours runtime). The pistol-grip design makes it suitable for extended uses, and folks like the LED light up to 600 yards.

20V Workshop Blower

It is pretty common for leaves and debris to fall on vehicles, especially when parked, but you can get them off with much ease with this blower. This tool comes with an airspeed that reaches 173MPH and q02 CFM. Since the rubber nozzle is made of soft rubber, it appears scratch-resistant and would work well for maintaining the car.

The Hart 20V Inflator

A flat tire seems like a common problem for most car owners; this tool can easily inflate the vehicle’s tire within 7 minutes. Its excellent construction alongside the nozzle accessories works well to inflate other items like footballs and other stuff.

Some other tools from this product line include the Hart 20volt cordless brushless drill, Hart mechanic toolset, 20V cordless stick vacuum, and the Hart 20V brushless circular saw.

How Much Are Hart Tools?

The cost of Hart tools may seem pretty high but are worth their price since they come constructed with top-quality materials that make them durable. Therefore, even if you find them among the pricey brands on Walmart, you should consider getting them if you seek tools that would duly serve their purpose.

Again, the Hart tools warranty covers almost all the products from this brand, giving you more value for your money. You would often find outdoor tools and power tools having warranties that reach three years.

The warranty would cover defects aside from the regular wear and tear from using these products. In addition, there are a few 40V batteries and outdoor products that come with a 3-year warranty and a 5-year warranty, respectively.

For all hand tools provided by this brand, you would find them having a limited lifetime warranty. In essence, the company would handle all tool damages resulting from poor craftsmanship. So, you can rest assured that there would be refunds or replacements of such products if you have any issues relating to the manufacturer’s error.

Pros of Hart Tools

The availability of Hart tools makes them one of the most reliable brands in the industry, as you can get them from Walmart and practically various hardware stores near you. Thus, you can find them with much ease whenever you need any such tools or compatible batteries.

Since the manufacturers of these tools have been operating for over thirty years with excellent tool lineups across their various brands, you can rest assured that Hart tools come constructed with top-quality materials. The brand holds a wide range of products for fixing various issues.

So, if you decide to make Hart tools your favorite brand, you can expand your tool collections with products from this line without the stress of searching extensively. Their hand tools work well for sorting various things.

Again, you can find the cordless Hart tools, including the hart 20volt cordless combo kit constructed with the comfort users in mind. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery of most of these tools lasts for a long, ensuring you work effectively without any hassles.

Cons of Hart Tools

One problem most people have with Hart tools is their price, as some persons find them pretty expensive compared to some other options. However, with the top-performing services that you can benefit from this tool, the price may seem fair. Nevertheless, folks on a tight budget may consider other cheaper brands.

Again, the warranty from this brand seems to be a problem for some consumers, even though it is not entirely a deal-breaker. Some brands reportedly have a longer warranty, which is appreciatable to some users out there.

Who Makes Hart Tools


Q: Are Hart tools any good?

Hart tools are excellent options that are very much available in the market. They help people fix various things within and outside their homes. With a wide range of products, you can easily find a good Hart tool for cleaning your car or doing some home improvement.

The good news is that these tools come manufactured from the best materials, and as such, this brand is among the top DIY tools in the market. Their awesome warranty ensures people get great value for their money.

Q: Does Ryobi make Hart tools?

Ryobi does not make Hart tools; rather, these brands are part of Techtronic Industries Limited’s parent company. Comparing Hart vs. Ryobi, you would get some striking features. Nevertheless, there are some peculiar features to each product line.

Some reviews suggest that Ryobi has many tools, consisting of some options that Hart lacks. Nevertheless, bit products are great, and you can comfortably choose any of these two and expect good performance since they are from the same manufacturer.

Q: Are Hart Tools Made in the USA?

The production of Hart tools does not take place in the United States. Nevertheless, there is a huge distribution and marketing of these tools in the US. Techtronic Industries Limited, the parent company of this brand, owns a large manufacturing complex in China, where its production occurs.

Thus, this suggests that Hart tools come manufactured from China and are distributed across various world locations. Still, you can find Hart hand tools designed in the US but produced overseas.

Q: Are Walmart Hart tools good?

Walmart Hart tools come with excellent construction that takes to mind the need and comfort of consumers. Products from this line appear pretty effective, helping professionals and DIY enthusiasts to fix various things.

The manufacturer of these tools is famous for producing long-lasting products that would serve their purpose for years. Thus, you can rest assured that the lineups of Hart tools you find at Walmart would not fall apart anytime soon.

Q: Who makes Hart Power Tools for Walmart?

Hart power tools is a product of Techtronic Industries Limited, a firm that engages in the production and marketing of hand tools, outdoor power equipment, power tools, and appliances for floor care.

Thus, Hart tools brand is a part of TTI, and they partner with Walmart to introduce various product lineups into the market. The large manufacturing complex of this company is established in China, where various production takes place. Kindly note that TTI encompasses various other brands that you find in the market.

Q: What brands does TTI make?

TTI consists of various brand portfolios such as AEG, Milwaukee tools, Hoover US, Vax, Ryobi, Dirt Devil, Empire, Oreck, Stiletto, Homelite, and Hart tools. Products from these brands reach customers worldwide, and the firm has over 48,000 staff.

Established 36 years ago (in 1985) by Roy Chi Ping Chung and Horst JuliusPudwill, this firm has grown, becoming one of the top companies within the industry. It has facilities in the US, Vietnam, Europe, and Mexico.

Final Words

Hart tools seem to be among the first few options you’d find among the best tool brands you can find in the market. Nevertheless, there are a few speculations about the manufacturers of Hart tools. So, who makes Hart tools? This brand is a part of Techtronic Industries Limited, one of the top manufacturers of hand, power, and floor care tools.

Whether within the home or outdoors, you need the right tools to fix various things. As a professional or DIY enthusiast, using the right tools would come in handy for fixing the issues with your car, machines, lawn, and many other things. Thus, you can trust Hart tools, as this brand has a wide range of automotive, home improvement, cleaning, and drilling tools that work effectively.

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