Who Makes Exide Batteries?

A good battery ensures a smooth ride, as it powers various car components. You can find some great options in the market; nevertheless, Exide car batteries are one of the top-performing options for most consumers. Thus, this piece reveals who makes Exide batteries and the various battery types from this product line.

Have you ever wondered why your car won’t start or the engine cranks slowly? It could be due to a dead car battery, and you would need a quick replacement. It may pose a challenge to pick a suitable car battery.

However, Exide batteries appear to be a more natural choice with excellent features. This brand of battery has products with good cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity. The Exide batteries catalog holds various products that suit different car needs.

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Exide Car Batteries

Exide is among the top suppliers in the electrical component industry. The batteries from this brand are among the many options that you can find in the market. This market leader effectively supplies automotive batteries to many car manufacturers, including top international brands.

Some cars that use Exide batteries include Ford, Suzuki, and even Hyundai. With the brand’s factories and distribution locations across various parts of the world, their products are pretty available for consumers.

Undoubtedly, Exide batteries are of high quality and possess a good capacity for starting the vehicle’s electrical appliances. Again, Exide batteries offer flawless performance, and you can find them working for 4-6 years without any hassles.

The Exide battery online website holds various battery types that come with varying capacities. Thus, you can find varying options for different use, and they come at a fair price, depending on the battery type.

The available Exide battery brands fall within three major categories:

The Exide Micro-Hybrid

This category of Exide car batteries come specifically designed for most modern vehicles with stop and start systems. You can also find this option available for less-demanding stop-and-start systems. Such an option comes designed with Enhanced Cycling Mat as a non-AGM version.

The Exide Excell

As they are commonly called, the SE range batteries also come with an enticing guarantee (three years). It is also significant that the battery works well and ensures a smooth ride without having any hassles.

The Exide Premium

The premium batteries from Exide come with an extensive warranty that lasts for four years, which seems fair compared to some other options. You can find such batteries having higher specifications and excellent OEM specifications.

You can look through the brand’s official website for the Exide battery price and the available options that would match your vehicle’s needs.

who makes exide auto batteries

Who Makes Exide Batteries?

One of the most typical questions most consumers ask is “who is the owner of Exide battery,” as the brand has appeared to be pretty reliable. This brand of car batteries is from Exide Technologies, formerly known as the Electric Storage Battery Company, founded by Gibbs, W.W.

The firm is among the top multinational manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in America. Kindly note that Exide Technologies is in charge of producing automotive batteries and various industrial batteries.

While serving the industrial market with lead batteries, the company also supplies lithium-ion batteries compatible with forklifts and useful for submarine, mining, and railroad applications.

This car battery brand has its manufacturing unit headquarters in the United States (Milton, Georgia) and other units across various parts of the world. Exide has active operations across 80 different countries of the world.

 However, their European headquarters is in Gennevilliers in France. Their top manufacturing plants are found in the US, Europe, Pacific Rim, and Australia. The good news is that this brand also owns a recycling plant, which would help folks with old batteries and prevent environmental pollution.

These recycling plants are in Indiana, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. Nevertheless, some recycling plants are currently closed. Interestingly, Exide technology has been operating for over 133 years and has an excellent historical reputation.

As of 1893, the firm was famous for producing chloride accumulators used for stabilizing electric grids. It was able to provide 220 such installations for enabling electric street rails nine years later.

The firm provided products for powering the US Navy Submarine in 1900 and powering airplane radios sets/stations during World War I. The Apollo program had NASA using the Exide nickel-zinc (solar-charged) batteries.

Amidst the various successful breakthroughs from this company, the Exide automotive batteries are rapidly emerging as one of the most used products for many car owners. The sturdy construction and high reliability ensure such batteries duly serve their purposes.


Q: Are Exide Batteries any good?

Many reviews showcase Exide car batteries as one of the most reliable options available in the market. The replacement of such a battery seems pretty cheap, guaranteeing lasting for a long while.

You can find these automotive batteries having three to four warranties covering replacements if faults result from the manufacturer. Again, the fact that Exide batteries are maintenance-free and it possesses. 

Q: Are Exide Batteries Made in the USA?

The Exide batteries available in the market are products of one of the top battery manufacturers in the United States, Exide Technologies. The firm has various manufacturing and recycling plants in the US, and their manufacturing units boast of different advanced technologies.

Nevertheless, Exide Technologies has another headquarters, the European headquarters in France. Again, this firm has distribution locations across the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Q: Does Exide make Interstate Batteries?

Some speculations suggest Interstate batteries be products of Brookfield Business Partners and the Exide battery company, Exide Technologies. Nevertheless, these firms and other private distributors are responsible for the availability of Interstate car batteries.

The famous Interstate brand batteries have a fair rating on Konji and come constructed with various features. These options last for an extended period and provide maximum efficiency for the car.

Q: Where is the Exide battery made?

Exide batteries are products of Exide Technologies manufactured within the United States. The firm has its headquarters in Milton, Georgia, and various other manufacturing and recycling plants in the US.

Nevertheless, the company has other manufacturing locations, as they set to distribute their products across more than 80 different locations. In essence, you can find another Exide Technologies headquarters in Europe (France) and other units in Australia and other areas.

Q: How are Exide Batteries made?

In general, Exide car batteries appear to be manufactured of galvanic cells within a circuit. Such battery construction would have a positive battery plate containing a metal grid and an active material (lead dioxide).

Then, the battery would have a lid to lock away its internal components and encased correctly in a polypropylene resin case that holds both the plates and electrolyte. So, while the battery is in use (and it discharges), the electrolyte from the acid would start reacting to form lead sulfate at the surface of the plate.

Q: Are Exide batteries made in Australia?

Exide Technologies markets and distributes various Exide batteries in Australia, and there is also a manufacturing unit within the country. Hence, there is a significant chance of these batteries being manufactured and assembled in Australia.

Nevertheless, there are over 80 locations that these batteries get to, as the firm offers a worldwide distribution of its products to satisfy customers from around the globe.

Final Words

Batteries are great essentialities of cars, and Exide car batteries are the top options you can find in the market. If you are keen on finding out who makes Exide batteries, it will interest you to know that they are products of Exide Technologies.

This company has a famous history for the supply of batteries and has various manufacturing and recycling plants worldwide. Exide batteries remain the top-performing batteries for vehicles and can effectively power multiple car components.

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