Top 7 Best Spark Plug Brands: 2024 Reviews

For SI engines, spark plugs appear as one crucial auto part that works well for creating the fire for fuel combustion. Thus, they must remain in good condition at all times for optimal performance. If you are keen on changing your old spark plugs, you can check out the best spark plug brands mentioned in this piece.

Remember, common car maintenance like engine oil changes, light testing, brake pad replacement, and spark plug replacement are essential and prevent certain car repairs. Nevertheless, replacing faulty spark plugs is something most folks barely talk about and would often forget.

Since spark plugs wear over time, car owners should get them replaced at least every 30,000 miles. Hence, you can rely on this review of the top spark plug brands to choose the best spark plugs for performance. 

Top 7 Best Spark Plug Brands

Best Spark Plug

Without a functional spark plug, the ignition system of gasoline engines is nothing, as the air-fuel mixture would not urn within the cylinders. This small and important component of the car would require a replacement after a while, and avoiding such would reduce your car’s fuel economy.

 However, there are varying spark plugs available in the market, and it may appear as a challenge to choose the appropriate option for your vehicle. Do not worry; the brands below supply some of the best options available in the market.


This brand has emerged as a famous name within the auto part industry, as they supply various OEM standard car parts. Whether OE or aftermarket products, you would find this brand providing consumers with effective products that work well for their vehicles.

Hence, it appears as one of the top and most popular oil filter brands out there in the market. You would also find ACDelco distributing effective spark plugs for gasoline engines that do an outstanding job.

Irrespective of the application of the vehicle, you can rest assured that ACDelco spark plugs come manufactured to match the combustion needs of your car. As a major supplier of GM Original Equipment, their spark plugs are durable and long-lasting.

With that, this line of spark plugs consists of the conventional iridium, RAPIDFIRE™ single-platinum, and double-platinum spark plugs. The two major available spark plug variants are the OE and Gold.

Thus, you would find options like:

  • ACDelco Conventional OE Spark Plugs
  • ACDelco Marine Gold Spark Plugs
  • ACDelco RAPIDFIRE Gold Spark Plugs

Although the cost of these spark plugs from the brand varies, you can find various affordable options ranging from $2.68 to $11.95.

Denso spark plug

Denso spark plugs emerge as another fantastic choice available within the automotive supply industry. Kindly note that Denso is a long-existing auto supply brand known for providing quality and reliable solutions to consumers.

This brand further manufactures OE and various aftermarket products designed with precision and passes through rigorous performance and safety tests. Interestingly, Denso has ISO9000 and QS9000 certified factories, suggesting that their products barely have any defects.

A major leap from this brand is the introduction of their iridium plugin 1997, which appears to be one of the finest options you can find across the world. The brand holds a vast range of spark plugs that would suit your car’s needs.

Such products from Denso include:

  • Denso Iridium TT
  • Denso Iridium Plus
  • Denso Iridium Power
  • Denso Iridium Racing
  • Denso Iridium Tough
  • Denso Nickel TT
  • Denso Platinum TT

Please note that Denso offers these spark plugs at varying prices, and you can check the auto part store near you. Nonetheless, there are fantastic options between $3.60 and $17.05. Still, you should expect great value for your money.

Motorcraft spark plug

Motorcraft spark plug

From engine motor oil to oil filters, Motorcraft appears as one of the advanced brands within the auto supply industry that offers top-performing products. Thus, you can rely on this brand for quality and improved performance.

This brand offers OEs that suit and function optimally for both Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Interestingly, Motorcraft holds a vast range of aftermarket products for other car brands, consisting of batteries, hoses, air conditioning, brakes, lubricants and chemicals, chassis, drivetrain, and electrical products.

The reliability and confidence that Motorcraft supports are pretty outstanding, and their spark plugs works for a wide range of applications. In essence, there are effective options for domestic (within the US) and imported vehicles, and even trucks of different sizes and makes.

Such performance spark plugs further come with an excellent warranty from the manufacturer, suggesting their effectiveness and durability. You would find this brand’s spark plug lineups offering different options, which often fall between the price range of $3.94 and $13.87, depending on the type you pick.

NGK spark plug

NGK Spark Plug

NGK is one brand that has been actively improving the driving experiences of many with their innovative oxygen sensors and spark plugs that works for a wide range of cars. As experts within the industry, you can rely on this brand to supply excellent spark plugs that would aid in the combustion of the engine’s fuel-air mixture.

NGK spark plugs cover up to 95% of domestic and imported cars, ensuring the engines run optimally. These products come engineered to meet with excellent durability, reaching OE standards and requirements.

This brand further pushes its limit in employing innovative and advanced technology to supply spark plugs that meet the needs of even modern high-efficiency engines. The major spark plug categories of NGK include:

  • NGK Ruthenium HX Spark Plugs
  • NGK Platinum Spark Plugs
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  • NGK OE-Style Spark Plugs
  • NGK Nickel Spark Plugs

The estimated cost of the spark plugs from NGK ranges from $3.34 to $18.49. You can check with any car part store near you and get a suitable NGK spark plug for your car.


Champion spark plugs remain one of the largest suppliers within the industry. This brand appears to be founded in 1905 as the Albert Champion Company and has since been supplying spark plugs with the brand’s name.

The company later became part of Cooper industries after its acquisition in 1989 but now emerges as a brand of the renowned Federal-Mogul Corporation. Kindly note that Champion effectively provides car owners with a wide range of spark plugs that work well for small cars, trucks, racing and marine applications, and SUVs.

 Apart from spark plugs, you should know that this brand further deals with the supply of spark plug wires, wiper blades, batteries, oil filters, glow plugs, and lighting products. With several years of experience and innovative works within the industry, you can rely on this brand’s products.

The proven expertise of Champion spark plugs in the manufacturing and engineering of various OEs suggests their products to be pretty sturdy and durable. The many spark plugs from this brand come at varying prices, but you can find effective options within $249 and $13.74.


Bosch is another giant within the industry that supplies a wide range of effective solutions that works well for a wide range of applications. Whether within your home or at work, you would find Bosch holding top-performing products that help shape different areas of your life.

Within the automotive industry, you would find this brand providing consumers with excellent brake pads, fuel systems, wiper blades, rotors, engine position sensors, starters, alternators, steering systems, car batteries, and emerges as one of the top air filters brands

Kindly note that this company is a brainchild of Robert Bosch, founded in 1886, and has since been working on various innovations. Bosch spark plugs are pretty effective, which meets the needs of turbocharged gasoline engines.

The good news is that such products can still work optimally even during adverse conditions and can withstand irregular combustion with their excellent mechanical, ‘thermodynamical,’ and electrical strengths. Depending on the spark plug type you need from this brand, there are excellent options between $5.92 and $25.64.


This American brand appears very famous for supplying excellent ignition wire sets and spark plugs, which appear sold across various parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

Since its inception in 1911, this brand has been providing innovative solutions that work well for varying automotive applications. Autolite understands that every vehicle appears different and different folks have their unique driving skills, and as such, it offers spark plugs that would suit every one of your needs.

Thus, whether you seek a suitable option for replacing your old and worn spark plugs or need to improve your vehicle’s performance, you can rely on this brand for a wide range of effective options. That being said, the following are some effective categories that the brand supplies:

  • Autolite Iridium Ultra Spark Plugs
  • Autolite Double Platinum Spark Plugs
  • Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plugs
  • Autolite High Thread Spark Plugs
  • Autolite Platinum Spark Plugs
  • Autolite Copper Spark Plugs

The estimated price range of the spark plugs supplied by Autolite often appears around $3.49 to $25.99.


What’s the longest-lasting spark plug?

Various types of spark plugs are grouped into three major categories: Iridium, Copper, and Platinum spark plugs. It would interest you to know that these spark plugs have their peculiar features and come at varying prices, with Copper spark plugs being the cheapest. 

If you are keen on knowing which lasts longer, comparing Iridium vs. Platinum spark plugs, you should know that the former has a high melting point, and the latter generates more heat than their counterparts. Are iridium spark plugs worth it? Yes, they are, and you can find various excellent options.

What spark plugs appear better than NGK?

The market holds a wide range of spark plugs from different brands, and NGK is one of the top-performing options. However, other top competitors work optimally, offering outstanding performances and maybe better than NGK spark plugs. These spark plug brands include:

  • Denso
  • ACDelco
  • Champion
  • Motorcraft
  • Bosch

Do spark plug brands matter?

Brands may not necessarily matter, even though most car owners and motorists prefer to stick to a single spark plug brand. The most important thing is finding an effective and durable option that would improve the engine’s performance.

Nevertheless, top brands within the industry appear pretty famous for supplying effective solutions for better combustion and ignition. Hence, you can look through the various spark plugs from such brands and read through their reviews to ensure you make a better choice.

Is NGK a good brand?

NGK emerges as a famous name within the industry that supplies some of the best auto parts, which comes in handy for a wide range of auto applications. Hence, whether it sparks plugs or other engine components, you can rely on this brand to offer top-performing solutions.

NGK spark plugs are noted for their consistent innovative and quality technology that ensures the engines work better. You can further check through the brand’s spark plug chart to find a reliable option for your car.

Do expensive spark plugs make a difference?

The cost is a major factor in purchasing effective spark plugs, and since you need a suitable replacement for the optimal functioning of your vehicle, it would help to pay great attention. There are both cheap alternatives and expensive options in the market.

Nevertheless, you would often find durable, sturdy, and better-performing spark plugs to come at a higher price, which appears worth it since they support better combustion. In essence, you should look out for top-quality spark plugs that come at prices that seem fair and offers excellent value.

Final Words

When it comes to the combustion process within the gasoline engine, you should know that spark plugs play a crucial role as it supports the proper burning within the cylinders. Thus, drivers must get them replaced when the need arises.

Such replacements would often require suitable options, and for some persons, it may appear daunting to make the right choice. With the varying types and brands of spark plugs out there, it would be helpful to read through this piece on the best spark plug brands to ensure you make a more natural choice.


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