Who Makes Lexus: Is Lexus Made by Toyota?

Well-designed cars come with excellent features that make them pretty attractive. More importantly, good vehicles operate efficiently and provide excellent comfort. Lexus is a tremendous brand known for the inauguration of great car dealerships into the industry. As such, it would interest you to know who makes Lexus.

Most car enthusiasts confirm that Lexus is one brand with top-notch vehicles and luxury car experiences. With their high quality, these cars also appear environmentally friendly. Thus, you can rest assured that this car brand would be an excellent option for long jolly rides.

For folks who appear skeptical about Lexus being a good brand, kindly note that they appear highly dependable. Thus, whether as a new or used car in good condition, Lexus vehicle would offer great value to its cost.

A Brief History of Lexus Car

The Lexus vehicle brand emerged around the period Honda and Nissan introduced their premium brands; Acura and Infiniti cars. After the Flagship One (F1) project by Toyota in 1983, the company appeared focused on designing and manufacturing the best cars in the world.

Kindly note that the project set out by Eiji Toyoda, the Toyota chairman, lasted for a while and encompassed various market research in California (Laguna Beach). The research took note of the wealthy lifestyle of many Americans.

It encompassed 60 designers, 2,300 technicians, 220 support workers, and 1,400 engineers. Then, the F1 project ended in 1989 with the launch of Lexus. There were some export restraints for the US market, imposed by the Japanese government.

Thus, it appeared pretty profitable for the Japanese automakers to start exporting their expensive vehicles to the United States. Lexus became the new luxury brand of Toyota, with a significant focus on the international market. One tremendous success was the new Lexus dealerships in the US, reaching a network of 81.

At the 1989 International Auto Show in North America, the brand debuted the Lexus LS 400. This event was in Detroit, and the debuted Lexus model was revealed to have a 4.0L V8 engine (gasoline) and a rear-wheel drive.

Most car enthusiasts and even critics seemed amazed with the car’s performance, quality, comfort features, and aerodynamics, shaking up the luxury sedan market. There were some more debuts from this vehicle brand, and in 2019 was the sale of the ten-millionth car.

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Who Makes Lexus?

Lexus is a brand from the parent company, Toyota Motor Corp, and its operations started in the 2000s. Toyota is among the top multinational automotive manufacturers originating from Japan, founded by Kiichiro Toyoda.

The incorporation of this firm was in 1937 and appeared to be one of the ten largest companies based on their revenue. As of 2017, the corporate structure already has 364,445 employees around the world.

Kindly note that Toyota is one global market leader in the manufacturing and sales of top-performing hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell. The company has its headquarter in Toyota, Aichi in Japan but distributes its products around the world.

 Since the inception of Lexus cars, their manufacturing centers keep designing top-quality vehicles that emerged as one of the most attractive options in the market. The Headquarters of the car brand is in Japan and appears to be one of the ten biggest Japanese brands in the world.

Aside from Japan, the next biggest market for the Lexus brand became the US. Other divisions from Toyota apart from Lexus include Gazoo racing, Hino, Ranz, TRD, and Scion.

Where Lexus Models are made

This car brand has its headquarters in Nagoya, which appears separate from that of the parent firm. Nevertheless, the manufacturing plants in Kyūshū and Chūbu regions are the primary production locations for Lexus.

The first built car from this brand OUTSIDE OF Japan was the Lexus RX 330, manufactured in 2003 in Canada (Ontario). With that in mind, the following are some Lexus model sale locations include:

  • Miyawaka in Japan: Lexus RX, Lexus UX, Lexus IS, Lexus NX, and Lexus ES.
  • Kitakyushu in Japan: Lexus CT, Lexus RX, and Lexus HS
  • Tahara in Japan: Lexus GS, Lexus NX, Lexus LS, Lexus IS, and Lexus GX
  • Susono in Japan: Lexus SC
  • Toyota City in Japan: Lexus LFA, Lexus LX, Lexus ES, and Lexus LC
  • Georgetown, Kentucky in the United States: Lexus ES
  • Cambridge, Ontario in Canada: Lexus RXh and RX

is lexus made by toyota

Most Popular Lexus Models and Price

You can find various Lexus models in the market, with excellent and stylish designs. Below are some excellent options that you should consider.

The Lexus LX 570 (Two-Row)

This vehicle features an interior design that provides four-zone climate control that works automatically. It also has a 14-way power heated driver’s seat, 12-way heated passenger seat (front), and a memory.

Folks like the vehicle’s cargo area has a 120V AC power outlet to keep some devices charged. Again, this vehicle has aluminum roof rails, a windshield wiper that senses rain, and a power moonroof.

Some likable technologies include a voice command, USB and Bluetooth technology, premium audio speakers (9), and a 12.3-inch multimedia display. The 2021 Lexus LX models appear impressive, ranging from the exterior to the interior and the top-quality wheels.

The Lexus IS 300

The interior of this car has a NuLuxe interior trim and a smart access button (start and stop). It possesses the In-line 4 engine and works with 241 horsepower, with 2.0L displacement. The fact that this 2021 Lexus IS has an ultra-low emission rating is terrific.

This car holds a top track speed of 143 MPH and appears super-fast, as drivers can move from 0-60 MPH in 6.9 seconds. Folks can adjust the driver seats to ten different positions and 4-way adjustable headrests.

Lexus ES 250 AWD

This car has a power moonroof and intricately designed car lights; daytime running lamps, headlamps (Bi-LED), and taillamps (LED). Many persons like the vehicle’s drive mode select its excellent multimedia system, featuring an 8.0-inch color display.

The adjustable front seat of this car allows users to move the seat in 10 different positions. Other outstanding features include the smog sensor, interior air filters, and the perforated NuLuxe interior trim. Furthermore, the ES 250 AWD works with an In-line 4 2.5L engine and possesses a top track speed of 131 MPH.

Lexus UX 200 F Sport

This car works with an In-line 4 2.0L engine and possesses a top track speed of 118 MPH. Again, it has the Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle certificate, and as such, it is environmentally friendly. The rear seat of this car comes with a 60/40-split folding design, and the front seats are ventilated and heated.

Other noticeable features include the aluminum roof rail, LED taillamps, Bi-LED headlamps, voice command, color display multimedia system, ten standard airbags, and excellent auto braking (intuitive parking assist).

Model Features Specs Approx  Price
LX 570 (Two Rows) ●     Mounted steering wheel controls

●     LED triple-beam premium headlamps

●     Power moonroof

●     Audio system and smart access button

●     V8 5.7L engine

●     137 MPH top track speed

●     200 x 78 x 75.2 inches dimension

●     Luxury utility car for five passengers

IS 300 ●     NuLuxe interior trim

●     F SPORT wood-trimmed steering wheel

●     Power moonroof

●     Lexus multimedia system and smart access button

●     In-line 4 2.0L engine

●     143 MPH top track speed

●     185.4 x 72.4 x 56.5 inches dimension

●     Luxury sport sedan for five passengers

ES 250 AWD ●     Auto climate control

●     LED taillamps and Bi-LED headlamps

●     FSPORT exterior styling

●     Head-up display (10-inch) and smart access button

●     In-line 4 2.5L engine

●     131 MPH top track speed

●     195.9 x 73.4 x 57.1 inches dimension

●     Luxury sedan for five passengers

UX 200 F Sport ●     Tilt-and-slide power moonroof

●     LED taillamps and Bi-LED headlamps

●     Head-up display and 6-speaker Lexus premium sound system

●     10 standard airbags

●     In-line 4 2.0L engine

●     118 MPH top track speed

●     177.0 x 72.4 x 60.6 inches dimension

●     Luxury crossover for five passengers


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Does Lexus appear better than  Toyota?

Lexus is a Toyota brand, and the construction of these vehicles appears pretty attractive, sturdy, and comfortable. Such car models are among the top luxury vehicles that most folks consider. Toyota is a well-known automotive manufacturing and distribution company that also has other outstanding brands.

Comparing other Toyota car products with Lexus, you would notice that they have their peculiar qualities but still allows a smooth and easy ride. Subaru and GMC are also good options, and you can find them offering various luxurious brands.

Q: Between Lexus and Toyota, which has more expensive maintenance costs?

When comparing Lexus vs. Toyota maintenance costs, you should know that the Lexus car brand appears to be the luxury division of Toyota. Thus, the maintenance and repairs seem pretty expensive compared to some other automotive brands from Toyota.

You may find the car parts to be costly when dealing with repairs and replacements. Nevertheless, the cost of maintenance and repairs would depend on the car model and the extent of the damages.

If you have been using a Toyota brand, you can make a quick estimate for your Lexus maintenance, as they would appear close.

Q: Is a Lexus an overpriced Toyota?

Lexus is a luxury brand that Toyota offers makes many folks assume that they may seem overpriced, but they are not. The value from these cars appears worth the cost since they are of top-quality construction and have excellent technology for a smooth ride.

You can find this car brand competing with many luxury marques in the market. Still, Lexus comes with various outstanding features that make them better than some of these competing brands.

Q: Are Lexus and Toyota engines the same?

Since Lexus appears to be a division of the Toyota Motor Corp, you should expect the engine to look similar to other brands from the same company. However, the engines from this automotive firm are designed to have unique features.

In essence, different car models use various engines design, irrespective of the car badge. Still, you can expect the engine powertrain for Camry, Highlander, and Lexus RX powered by the 3.5-liter v6 engine.

Q: Are used Lexus worth it?

The value of Lexus as luxury vehicles makes them appear worth for purchase as a used car. Nevertheless, there is a need to consider the car’s current condition and ensure that no expensive car repairs would make the vehicle look like a waste of resources.

Other than that, the top-quality materials employed in constructing such cars make them durable and sturdy. Hence, they last long and duly serve their purpose without any hassles. So, you can add them to your list of reliable and most dependable cars.

Q: Can Lexus use Toyota parts?

There are various shared mechanical components that Lexus uses with other Toyota automotive car models. The V6 engine in some Toyota cars like Toyota Avalon easily fits the Lexus ES 350.

But, it may be a different leap when you consider the body part of the car as they may appear different. Nevertheless, you can find various Lexus car parts from auto care stores and make suitable replacements when needed.

Q: Which is the most reliable Lexus?

Undoubtedly, Lexus made the list of one of the most reliable car brands globally, and by ranking, the Lexus NX compact SUV, GS mid-size sedan, and the GX models are among the list of the most reliable cars.

Among the vehicle lineup from this brand, the Lexus GS is among the top options most car enthusiasts admire. People who own this car like its dependable features, as it consistently showcases the luxury from Toyota.

Q: Who makes the engines for Lexus?

Toyota is the company that makes Lexus engine, and this Lexus manufacturer equips this line of luxury cars with compact and mid-size engine models. Such engines offer excellent performance and appear naturally aspirated.

The increased fuel efficiency from these engines is incredible, and they use the inline-4 cylinder. You can also find the turbocharged engine versions from this product line.

Q: Can Lexus be serviced at Toyota?

You can get your Lexus vehicles serviced at any Toyota car dealership, as the Toyota Motor Corp is the parent company of this brand. Thus, you may find this vehicle sharing similar engine parts as some other Toyota cars.

 So, you can find car experts that would effectively work on your Lexus vehicle due to the many shared mechanical components. However, you cannot access warranty services at Toyota and may need to visit the Lexus car dealership for such.

Final Words

There are a few speculations about who makes Lexus cars, and you should that these luxury vehicles are products of Toyota Motor Corp. This vehicle line is among the top options available in the market, as they offer great comfort and work efficiently.

There are various Lexus models from this brand with tremendous technologies and excellent safety features. A glimpse through this piece would reveal some top Lexus models and their outstanding features.

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